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Clinton vs Trump: Who Is The Most Animal-Friendly?

3p0ysitbq4ivsvbcrx8e If you are an animal lover, these are some major things to know about the candidates and how they address animal welfare.

4 Moments You Thought Your Dog Was A Weirdo

Yzpsobvpqkiuwsoam5r3 It seems the only plausible explanation for his behaviour, right? Tail chasing, coprophagy... Do you know why dogs act like that sometimes?

5 Ways To Help Your Dog Relax

U9jjwufktafoxfc4jxu1 Your dog might be hyperactive or look stressed for many reasons. These are some general recommendations to help him relax in this situations

7 Most Common Cat Diseases

Njnqh40ktkwqnapxma42 If you are adopting a cat, you should be informed about the most common cat diseases so you can be prepared and prevent them.

7 Ways Your Dog Makes You Healthier

Vsm7kqjtwykxnjnbpzpy Your dog has probably cheer you up when you were sad, or made you forget that you were angry... He even took you out for a walk on a bad day. These are just 7 ways your dog makes you healthier, on a physical and mental level: 1. You Do ...

10 Common Diseases In Dogs

Fpnqg774q3wdxfktu8xj If you are thinking about adopting a dog, you should be aware of the most common diseases he or she might suffer. That's the only way to be prepared! We have listed for you 10 common diseases in dogs: 10. Kennel cough Kennel cough causes pharyngitis and cough in dogs. ...

Can Dogs Drink Milk? And Cats?

Uwtmrairwik8pxfwuzsy We have always associated cats with a bowl of milk. However, milk is not the most appropriate treat for dogs, neither for cats. What is the problem with lactose? Most dogs and cats, same as lactose intolerant people, don't have the enzyme that helps digesting and absorbing lactose . The ...

Kennel Cough: Symptoms, Tips and Treatment

4dnu7bdxssmeadfofolb Kennel cough, or infectious canine tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease. It causes coughing, eye discharge, nausea, fever and lack of energy among other symptoms. What Causes Kennel Cough? Kennel cough is similar to a cold. The main causes for these symptoms are: Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria Mycoplasma Parainfluenza virus ...

Cats Belong To The House, Not To The People

Rkf8z664siiogurllvio Maybe you heard this before. It basically means that dogs always follow their family, while cats sometimes prefer to stay in the house, even if the family moves away. In fact, a recent study has shown that cats don't need their owners to feel safe . But it's not that ...

6 Hidden Dangers For Pets At Home

Uzma5pirpcqawb862lnd We have lots of products and objects at home that can be very dangerous for our pets. Specially if you have a sneaky one in the family! To protect them, we just need common sense and take some precautions, same as with kids: move things out of reach, don't expose ...