10 New Year's Resolutions - How to be a better dog owner

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New year, new life. That is what many propose when January arrives, but it is not always easy to comply with the new year resolutions.

We already know that with good company it is always best, that's why Barkibu brings you a list of proposals for this 2019 if you have a dog.

1. Do more exercises

Sports are one of the most common resolutions in the lists of promises for the new year. If you are too lazy to go out running, try practicing canicross with your dog, a form of running in which it can run alongside you. If you're competitive, the competitions of canicross are becoming increasingly more frequent. Before you begin, consult your veterinarian for some guidelines to avoid injury.

2. Be more organized

Dogs are like children of 2 years, they need a routine. If you have difficulty being organized, do it for him. Your dog needs to know what to expect every day: when to eat, when to walk, when to play, that is why it is better to keep those actions as constant as possible. The routine is the key to proper behavior.

3. Spend more time with friends

And that includes your dog. There are no more excuses, coffee shops and restaurants are increasingly more permissive to allow dogs. If you live in Madrid or Barcelona, check Sr. Perro guides for urban dogs. It has more than 200 establishments in which you can meet with friends without having to leave your dog at home. At Sr. Perro website you can see more locations that allow the entry of dogs in other Spanish cities as well. If your friends have dogs, do your get-togethers in the park.

4. Travel and see new places

Here is our good dog owner quiz! If you do not have someone who can accompany you, your dog will be delighted to do so. In most European countries, there are many more facilities than in Spain for traveling with dogs: hotels, public transport, shops and coffee shops… Germany, Belgium, France and Italy are an example. Before embarking on a trip, talk to your veterinarian and find out about the requirements (vaccines, passport, microchip).

5. Eat healthily

After the excesses of the festivities, such thing is always welcome. You should also offer your dog a balanced diet, such as that provided by Altudog, natural food ingredients dehydrated, fit for human consumption.

6. Learn something new

Why not learn together? Go see an ethologist, a veterinary specialist in canine behavior, to give you some basic guidelines on how to educate the dog, especially if it is a puppy and you still have to teach him to pee outside, go walk with a strap or a few basic commands.

7. Go out to parties less often

If you need an incentive, think about how much your dog would enjoy the next day if, instead of sleeping late, you wake up and go take a long walk together.

8. Don't get stressed out so much

If you have a dog, that is easy. Several studies prove that pet owners have lower stress levels than those who do not share their life with an animal. Scientists have also found that the presence of dogs in the offices reduces stress on the worker and increase the perception of satisfaction. Barkibu allows its workers to attend work accompanied by their animals.

9. Do volunteer work

The animal protectors’ agencies and animal shelters always need someone who will lend a hand. For example, ACUNR, in Madrid, is looking for people to walk the dogs, brush them, take them to the veterinarian, or you can lend a hand in maintenance or funds raising. You can also make your house a temporary reception for dogs. And remember: always adopt, do not buy.

10. Quit smoking

If it is bad for you, it is bad for your dog as well. In recent years, several studies have shown that the chances of developing lung cancer are higher in dogs who are passive smokers.

Can you fulfill all of them? If you want to be a responsible dog owner, do your best!