4 Moments You Thought Your Dog Was A Weirdo

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Probably in more than one ocassion you have looked at your dog thinking he is definately a weirdo. That seems the only plausible explanation for his behaviour, right?

Do you know why dogs act like that sometimes?

1. Tail chasing

We think is funny when a dog chases his own tail. However, if this becomes a regular thing, we must pay attention.

It starts when they are puppies and they are still not aware of their own individuality, so they don't know the tail is part of their own body.

If a dog chases his own tail, he can also have a dermatitis probblem, or fleas. Others do it just out of boredom, or because they are stressed. It might even become an obsessive behaviour.

In order to prevent it, you must be sure that your dog receives his anti-flea treatment and plays and exercise enough. When he starts chasing his tail, just try to make him focus on something else, like a toy, for example.

2. Humping over other dogs... or people!

This is one of the most awkward moments as a pet parent. Your dog starts humping over another dog at the park. Or worse, over any human guest in your home.

This behaviour is related to sexual excitement, but not limited to that area. This is a very bad habit that even neutered males or females can have.

Isolated, bored dogs might present this behaviour. There are also some who do it just to control other dogs (or people) around them.

It can also become an obsessive habit.

To solve it, make sure your dog has enough exercise. Usually it's also better if he is neutered. Otherwise, ask a behaviourist.

3. Coprophagy

This means your dog is eating his own poop, or other animal's poop. It migt seem crazy, we know, but the truth is there are different reasons why your dog would do that.

Mothers eat puppies' poop not only as a sanitary solution (when puppies still don't walk), but also as a way of surviving. In the wild, the smell would attract predators to the indefence litter.

Also, newborn puppies born and raised in puppy's farms --or in overpopulated shelters or cages-- might felt curious about the smell and get this habit.

Another cause, that we can prevent, is a deficient diet. If your dog doesn't have all the nutrients he needs, he will look for other sources of "food".

Lastly, dogs love cats' poop. If you have a cat, keep the sandbox away (or clean), because he won't be able to resist.

4. Rolling over stinky things

A classy. Every time your dog smells something stinky, he runs to roll over it. And if it's a dead animal, much better.

Theory says they do it to hide their own smell. Like a huntint "technique".