Best pet birds for beginners, home and for children


Apr 4

Posted by Barkibu editors

Are you trying to choose a pet bird? Which are the best large parrots for beginners? There are many types of birds; some are perfect to have in your home and even for families with children. There are also other birds that, although they are beautiful and very sweet, release many feathers, they need an excessively clean environment, and can transmit diseases that could affect your children if they are at the stage of growth and lung development.

In this article, we will give you a series of recommendations on which bird is best for you; for your pace of life and for your home. Anyway, remember that having a domestic bird is a great responsibility, and before incorporating him into your life you have to carry out the relevant medical studies and examinations at him.

mejor ave para tener en casa agapornis

Friendliest pet bird breeds

The lovebirds are one of the most popular kinds of birds among domestic birds’ lovers. They are adorable and it is recommended to always have two together, a male and a female. The lovebird is an excellent bird to have at home and also for children to see him, but why? Because they are cuddling all day, caressing, and singing. They are a happy example of how to live life with love and good humor. We love them, especially to make us happy on Mondays.

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The goldfinches are beautiful and vivacious

They are full of energy and have their plumage painted in bright colors. The good thing about them is that they are not birds that tend to be rebels, because they are used to live at human homes. They require little care so they know how to enjoy some independence and sing a lot, which is ideal for those who want to fill their home with music.

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The parakeets are one of the stars when it comes to having a bird at home

Because of their color, their rounded heads, and their warbling, the parakeets are, together with the lovebirds, two of the domestic birds that can be found in most homes. They eat seeds, vegetables, and have a peculiarity: they must always have something available to sharpen the beak. We recommend that you use the bone of a cuttlefish because when they touch it they will eat part of the calcium it contains, and they need it.

They have an advantage that makes them ideal to have them at home: they are very clean. It is normal to see them caressing their bodies with their heads, grooming themselves with their own saliva. Watch that the nails do not grow too much and that they have water always at hand or "at wing"; doing that and you shouldn't have problems.

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Cockatoos, who said that a bird should not be taken out for a walk?

The cockatoos do not stop moving. They are birds with whom there is a lot of interaction, plays, and enjoyment, because they never get bored. If you spend a lot of time away from home, this bird is not for you, because he needs constant attention; so, if you go on a trip you have to leave him to someone's care.

The good thing about them is that they are very nice; something they announce with their lively crest and their vivacious movements. You will be able to teach them to emit sounds and you will find out that there is a large community in the net of cockatoos lovers. If you want to animate your home and spend a lot of time in it, choose a cockatoo to enjoy your day to day with. By the way, do not forget to take her out of the cage to give her a ride every day, or she will be very sad.

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The cockatiel is the super cute version of the cockatoo

The cockatoos need a big cage and a lot of space, the cockatiels not so much, but much more pampering. They are good companions, for you and for your children. They let themselves be caressed, they look for you, and they can even demand that you pay attention to them on purpose. You can teach them to reproduce sounds and the lively colors that they usually have where the cheeks would be are just lovely. They are cute.

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Reveal your pirate side with a beautiful parrot

The parrot is the first option that comes to mind when we think of the best bird to have at home. Reasons are not lacking; they are perfectly accustomed to living with people, they learn quickly if you follow the appropriate methods, and they have a good reputation that has earned them their relationship with the corsairs and buccaneers.

By the way, the pirate movies in which you can see the parrots perched to their shoulders is quite real, because you can have them at home without a cage; but of course, for that you have to dedicate time to teach them to do what. In any case, be careful with the attention you pay to them because they can become very dependent birds and it is important that they learn to fend for themselves.

These are the best birds for kids

These are some of the best birds to have at home; there are more, like canaries, but none of the ones we have recommended so far will disappoint you. In a house with small children choose the lovebirds, if you spend a lot of time at home because you are autonomous and work from there, for example, get some cockatiels or a cockatoo. If you want to enjoy teaching them to speak, choose a parrot, and if you want a domestic bird with a somewhat independent spirit, get a goldfinch.

But all these are just the impressions of our veterinarians, what about yours? What you think is the best bird to have at home and for children? Tell us about your experience, we will love to hear it.