Brown stuff coming out of my dog's bum; is leaking a brown fluid


Jul 1

Posted by Barkibu editors

The fluid that comes out of your dog's ass is produced by his anal glands. Your friend has two of them, one on each side of his anus. They have a very important mission: to secrete that transparent liquid. Thanks to it, his stools come out better and painless. In addition to this, it also serves as an ID card for other dogs. Sometimes it will seem that his ass smells like rust or fish; that is the liquid of his glands and that is an identifying smell.

As their caregivers, we have to know these anal glands and also their functioning. The problem they have is not that some liquid comes out of the anus, but when it accumulates there. The liquid builds up more, more and more and can cause serious health problems. Given this situation, it is advisable to empty them.__ You can find articles online that will tell you how to do it__, but the best thing is that the first time is a professional who tells you how to do it.

My male dog is leaking brown fluid

As always, remember that you can count with our online veterinarians to know everything you need about this liquid that sometimes smells like rust, ammonia, or worse and how it affects his health. Make your query in a personalized way adding a picture of your dog and all your questions.

The first symptom that these glands need your attention is the bad smell. In addition to the foul odor caused by it, if you do nothing, you will see how the inconvenience leads him to rub his ass against the carpet or the floor. Severe accumulation can cause an infection or even worse. Do not worry, you do not have to empty all the liquid from his anal glands on a regular basis because it is usual for them to do so themselves.

In case that, when visiting the vet, he tells you that a flush is necessary, he will show you how to proceed. We recommend that you always go to a professional. When you touch your dog's butt without his permission and squeeze it, he might react: getting angry, barking, and even biting. The specialist will determine if it is possible for you to empty it yourself or not.

How to empty my dog's anal glands

You will see that the procedure is very simple. Once the anal glands are located, it is enough to press it gently and the doctor will teach you how to empty them; but be careful, because sometimes a very nasty jet can come out. If it splashes on you, do not get mad at your dog, of course. You have to know the details of this treatment before it's too late.

If you see that your dog is scratching because of the discomfort, examine the area. Do you notice it overly inflated and somewhat red? If yes, it is possible that the liquid that is leaving via anus is somewhat viscous. In an advanced state, you might find blood. If this is the situation you are facing, the most possible thing is that when you press it, a bit of pus can come out.

At this point, this fluid and this symptomatology can mean fistulas, tumor, or an infection. Precisely for this reason, we do not recommend that the Petlover himself perform the first emptying of the accumulated liquid in the glands, so that the veterinarian discards all these health problems. Sometimes surgery may be necessary.

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Anal gland surgery for my dog

Anyway, even if there is an infection or a fistula, the interventions related to these glands always go well. When you visit the veterinarian, you will learn to identify when they fill again and when to return to the specialist to produce a new emptying. If your dog allows you to do it, you can empty it yourself, so the dog's feces flow correctly.

In short: if you see a creamy or viscous liquid coming out of his anus, if you notice inflammation, discomfort in your friend, if he is whining or rubbing against the floor, it is very possible that he needs to empty his glands. As the situation may result in an infection, fistula, or tumor, it is always advisable that the first time is a veterinarian that should do it.

In case he considers it appropriate, he will teach you how to do it. Remember that if you have more doubts about the emptying of anal glands of a dog or the characteristics of this fluid you can make your consultation to our online veterinarians without obligation.