Can dog eat banana chips, peels or banana bread, watermelon or tangerine?

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Cand dogs eat banana peels, banana baby food or banana bread? The banana, watermelon and tangerine are three of the richest and refreshing fruits, and offer a greater amount of benefits to our body, but can our dogs eat them? Do they come down well? Whenever we give our dog fruit to eat we must take into account several issues: the amount that we give, the problem of giving them the green parts, to know that the bones and seeds contain cyanide and have fructose.

But, on the other hand, it is important that we know the tremendous benefits to eat human foods that we provide them, especially if the dog feeding they eat today is not of the highest quality. Knowing this, let's see if eating watermelon, tangerine or banana is good or bad for your friend. Remember that you can count on our online canine dieticians to solve all your doubts.

Can dogs eat banana peels, chips or bread?

Yes, doggies can eat bananas and, in fact, alongside with the apple, they are the fruits that are best digestible for them. So much, that the banana is a natural remedy against diarrhea and gastric problems. The banana or the plantain has an additional advantage: by not having seeds, they can be split into slices and served without fear of choking.

Give him ripe bananas, because it will be richer in terms of nutrition and more difficult for it to be stuck in the throat. Remove the peel and let him enjoy it. Yes, you have to take certain precautions when it comes to eating bananas or other fruit. First, you have to remember that your dog is not a fruit eater, a vegetarian or an omnivore. He is a carnivore, so his digestive system is only able to process a certain amount of fruit without getting worse.

The recommended amount is 10% per week, although there are certain doggies and breeds that are able to reach 20%, but for you to know that, you will have to ask our online canine dieticians. The banana is excellent for a dog because it provides potassium, which is great for him when he gets bigger. So while you don't provide it in excess, banana is great for them.

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Watermelon is very common in some places, especially if we are in the summer. It is a fruit that everyone love, it is very nutritious, contributes with fiber, vitamins, and helps to cleanse the body by its diuretic properties, but can you your dog eat it? Yes. The meat of the watermelon is beneficial for his health, in the same way as the bananas, but you have to give him with moderation, in small quantities and always making sure he doesn't feel bad or that it causes irritation or diarrhea.

You have to take certain precautions whenever your dog eats watermelon. In the first place, remove all seeds and also the peel. It is not good to eat any of these two things. For this reason, it is best to take a knife and do chunks of easily edible watermelon, serving them piece by piece. If you change his treats or chicken for beneficial fruit, you'll optimize his feeding, doing so with less fat and without so many chemicals.

Can dogs eat tangerine?

The watermelon and bananas have a sweet and pleasant flavor, just the kind of thing that fascinates doggies, but what about the tangerines? It depends. With citrus fruit, you never know. The tangerines are not toxic to dogs, and they provide them with vitamin C and liquids which are fundamental to his feeding, but not all of them are sweet. There are tangerines that are too acidic and they will be rejected.

That is, if you want your doggie to taste human food that will work as a supplement to their diet, the best is that you try with bananas, watermelons or apples, but you will find out with the tangerines that not all doggies approve of them, so don't force it.


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Can dog eat tangerine peels or clementines

If your pet put his eyes on you when you are eating and you would like to offer him a slice, go ahead, but never do it if it has seeds inside. Make sure that it is sweet and that he knows it. If so, you will be able to give it, but it is most likely that he will spit it out. If he did that, don't worry, he just doesn't like it.

In short: watermelon and bananas are beneficial for them, being the plantain or banana the fruits of choice for rewards. The tangerine is not bad for his digestive system if you give it in moderation, but it is rare that they accept it to eat because they usually do not like the acid. If you have more questions about canine feeding, do not hesitate to ask our online veterinarians what you need.