Can dogs eat broccoli stalks, eggplant or sweet potatoes fries or skin?

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Is broccoli toxic for dogs? Does it come down well? And what about eggplant or sweet potatoes? These three foods are always present in our diet, they provide vitamins, fiber, minerals and even proteins. Precisely for this reason, there are many PetLovers that even consider if their doggies could eat only vegetables.

Today we are going to tell you if these three vegetables will do well, if they are suitable for his diet, the proportion in which to give him, and how to prepare them. Anyway, even if we say if he can eat them or not, remember that the best thing to do is always ask our online canine dieticians. Each doggie is a case and not everyone accepts the same vegetables and salad.

Can dogs eat broccoli?

Broccoli is fabulous. The best way to eat it for humans it is to boil or grill it. In this way, we appreciate its powerful flavor better. If we cook them, they lose many of their vitamins and, although they become softer, we will lose part of their properties. Although it is great for our health, many people cannot even smell it, so they wonder if it is toxic to dogs.

What is certain is that it is beneficial to his health, but always provided that it was well prepared and in adequate amounts. To learn how to serve it to him, first you have to know that your dog should only eat a ten percent of foods derived from plants. Even if you think that dogs are omnivorous, in reality, they are carnivores. The evolution has allowed him to tolerate a certain amount of produce from the vegetable garden, but not too many.

If you give your dog a lot of broccoli, he will have diarrhea and stomach discomfort. So remember, include it in small quantities in recipes that you serve or give him as a snack, but do not abuse of it or of other vegetables, fruit or vegetables such as beans, lentils or quinoa.

Can dogs eat eggplant?

Be very careful with eggplant. It is a very nutritious food, rich and tasty, but you should never give it raw. The problem is that, in its composition, there is one element that is able to cause a slight poisoning on your doggie in case he does not digest it well. Don't forget that the furry cannot eat too many vegetables, nor can they digest them as well as we do, so be careful with raw vegetables, especially with the eggplant.

Think of the raw eggplant as a green tomato, another product of the land that doesn't go down well for doggies. However, if you are making a plate of grilled vegetables and the dog is close by, you will be able to give him a bit of it, although you will also have to take another kind of precautions. This piece you give of eggplant cannot have salt, nor can it be fried in the same pot as you prepared onions or garlic. Dogs do not digest those well, so beware.

In the case of the salt, also be careful once again. It is a type of mineral that may result in undue trouble while urinating and it can produce crystals. This is something you have always to keep in mind while giving human food for a dog: no salt, no garlic, and no onion. Whenever you give him eggplant monitor his stools, if you find that it has diarrhea, make him undergo fasting and go ask questions to our online canine dieticians.

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes, and potato fries?

Sweet potato is a tuber that is slowly gaining more acceptance. It is rich in nutrients, it is sweet, such as the broccoli, and has great antioxidant power. If you need iron, do not rely only on lentils, prepare some healthy snacks of sweet potatoes and enjoy them.

The problem with sweet potato and our doggies is that this is a very sweet food and we know that sugar does not go down well with them. We also add the fact of it being a food of vegetable origin, so they shouldn't eat too much.


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How to cook sweet potato for dogs

So, can dogs eat sweet potatoes or not? Surely yes, but in small quantities and when cooked. Sweet potatoes are a way of eating something sweet without causing diabetes, but always with caution.

We hope that with this article it was made clear that the broccoli is not toxic to them, that they like sweet potatoes, but you should give them only in small quantities, and that the eggplant can only be eaten cooked but, above all, that if he's eating vegetables, he should do so only in small amounts and we should then control the state of his stools. If you have any questions, ask our online canine dieticians.