Can dogs eat sunflower or pumpkin seeds, nuts and dried fruit?


Jan 17

Posted by Barkibu editors

As a PetLover you have to know if you can give dried fruits for a dog to eat, how, why and which. The digestive system of a doggie is different to that of a human being, so be careful with what you give as a treat or as a supplement to his diet. We know that chocolate is toxic to them and the excess sugar also makes harm to them; but what about the dried fruit?

In this article, we will talk about nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and even raisins, because many times they come in packets of dried fruit. Anyway, we do not want you to stay with doubts. For this reason, leave all your questions to our online canine dieticians. Is there a dry fruit that we have not talked about here? Is there one of them in any recipe that you want to try? Make your consultation.

Can dogs eat dried fruit?

Regarding dried fruit, you have to be careful. Yes, dogs can eat dried fruit, but never give them in excess and you should never offer whole pieces. It is also advisable to avoid nuts, because they are way too much calorific. Dried fruits are foods that are rich in nutrients, but they are also very hard. If your dog does not chew them conveniently, you run the risk that the fruit goes down whole to his stomach.

Even if they chew the dry fruit, it is very likely that, while smashing them in his mouth, remnants will stay in his teeth, compromising his dental health. Don't forget that it is essential to thoroughly clean his mouth each day. The tartar can cause a bacterial infection, which, in the long run, can spread to other parts of the body through his bloodstream.

That is to say: dogs can eat dry fruit, but they need to be crushed enough so that your friend doesn't suffer any of the problems we have cited here. Yes, some dried fruit such as nuts are so calorific that, although nothing happens if he eats a bit by mistake, we recommend that you don't give them to him.

Can dogs eat sunflower seeds?

A problem with dried fruits, especially with seeds or sunflower seeds is the excess of salt that the manufactures put on them. Whenever you want to give dried fruits to them, buy those without salt. This mineral is not beneficial if taken in excess and hazelnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds have too much.

Regarding sunflower seeds without salt, yes, your dog can eat them. All natural or human food that you serve to your friend has to be in moderation. That is because its calorie content is not regulated for their body. To explain briefly: give them very few, although if you want to make a recipe with them, it is best to consult with our online canine dieticians and ask how many you can give according to their weight, race and age.

My DOG STOMACH is making NOISES and GROWS loudly

If your dog's guts make lot of very strong noises, if he has diarrhea, he does not want to eat or the bowel sounds are very strong, we tell you what to do in the next video. In Barkibu we have online veterinarians which are specialists in nutrition.

Can dogs eat pumpkin seeds, how much?

Pumpkin is a very nutritious food for dogs and cats. It helps them to be healthier, to control the presence of parasites and have a brighter fur, but what about the pumpkin seeds we buy in the market? Are those good for them? Well, yes. Inside these seeds is part of those nutritional properties, so they are beneficial to your friend.

But, yes, and just like sunflower seeds, you have to give it to them also without the peel. There are several issues related to the envelope of these seeds. In addition to those already mentioned, it can contain traces of pesticides that can harm his health. That is why, whenever you want to give dry fruits: clean them, give them without salt and knowing the exact amount you can offer.

Can dogs eat macadamia nuts?

Macadamia nuts are not recommended for dogs, as they can be harmful. We said before that nuts are not advised because they can induce some dogs to vomit. In the case of macadamia nuts, we advise you to never serve them. Apply the same rule for raisins, they are two potentially toxic foods for them.

Can dogs eat peanuts?

With peanuts, there is no problem. Follow the recommendations we have given in this article regarding salt, the amount and the peel, and it will go down well. At this point, it is possible that you ask yourself: And why do I have to give dried fruit to my dog? You don't have to give it, but this is a human food that, within reasonable practices, will give him the fundamental vitamins and minerals he needs. Including the support he needs to overcome periods of stress. Leave all your questions to our online veterinarians.