Cat throwing up white foam and not eating - When to worry?

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Is your cat throwing up a milky white liquid? Vomiting in a cat is a sign that something is not right inside him. Of course, it does not always mean that they are sick but it is time to improve their eating habits, the way in which we reward their good deeds and even the hours when we put the food in the bowl.

Today we are going to talk about the most common causes for which your cat vomits a foamy white liquid, almost transparent, and why he has stopped eating. These are just general notes; if you want a personalized consultation of what happens to your cat, ask your questions to our online veterinarians.

My cat is throwing up white foam and lethargic

The first is to analyze the reasons why your kitty vomits, that are usually associated with his diet and any possible irritation in his gastrointestinal tract. These furry ones tend to be fond of very specific types of food; surely you already know: they are very demanding. More than once you have tried to buy a can of different or special food and he has not wanted to eat it, right? Asking you with your big eyes to give him what he likes.

However, repeat the diet you give him constantly and without any variation, day after day, can end up hurting his belly, causing some small irritation that will make him vomit.

Cat throwing up saliva foam

The new PetLovers tend not to spend so much on what they give to their pets and give them the leftovers of breakfast or dinner. They base on the typical image of the omnivorous street cat that swallows all sorts of things, but the reality is different. Cats have a very good palate and need healthy food with the minimum amount of chemicals, preservatives, dyes and artificial products.

Natural food is the best for your friend's stomach. If you give low-quality cans, bad and cheap feeding or one that contains low-quality proteins, you will produce irritations and vomit, what is the solution? Leave a question to our online veterinarians, so they recommend you what to provide him to regain health.

My cat vomits a milky white liquid, why?

If these vomits that occur in your cat and that worry you happen in the early hours of the day, it may be bile. It is not something worrying, but you must act to avoid them. Furry ones love to eat, have a good memory, and are animals of customs, which sometimes plays against them.

If you worry about his health and his diet, you have probably distributed his meals in rations throughout the day to avoid binge eating. For this, you have marked a calendar with the hours you have to serve his food but, what happens if you usually give breakfast at eight in the morning and one day you delay it for a couple of hours? Well, your cat can vomit some bile, and why?

Do you know the expression 'my mouth is watering'? Your friend too, only that what will make that water will be the guts; although rather than water, they make the acids that he would be using to digest his lunch, that is, his bile.

Kitten throwing up white foam and not eating

The moral of this story is that you should always comply strictly with meal times if you do not want him to vomit for this reason. By the way, you do well to control the way he eats, so you avoid him being constipated and the food to return because of indigestion.

If he vomits everything that he eats, it is possible that he has an irritation by some of the reasons that we have listed to you, and a couple of others. One of the things that your cat can not take is milk that is not from a cat. Cow's milk has sugars that your furry stomach cannot digest, causing damage and causing whitish vomiting.

Vomiting in cats, when to worry

If you did not know this, you may have been giving milk as a reward. You also have to be careful with the trinkets that you give to reward him when he does something right. We recommend that you always choose the ones that have fewer chemicals and preservatives, do not hesitate to ask our veterinarians for a recommendation to choose the best one.

Another reason that he vomits is that he has swallowed a hairball, Here we tell you how to avoid this problem. In summary: take care of what your cat eats, try to make it varied and as natural as possible and consult with our veterinarians if any doubt should arise.