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What can I do to stop my dog from eating poop of cats and pigeons?

Popogatop Sometimes you will find your dog eating your cat's feces and even the sand in which he deposits it.

How to stop rabbits chewing wires and everything?

Fotolia 131342725 subscription monthly m Rabbits chew car wires, christmas light and everything. Are there any anti chew spray? What can I do? Does your rabbit bite you?

My dog keeps retching but not being sick, what can I do?

Perro enfermo The retching is the movement of contraction of the abdominal cavity and stomach to expel the digestive contents by vomiting.

Why dogs lick themselves and when to worry

Perro se lame  1 My dog keeps whining and licking himself. It is normal that they clean themselves daily. However, if it becomes excessive, it could mean there is a problem going on.

My dog is restless at night and is not sleeping. What can I give him to sleep?

Inquieto How to calm a restless dog at night? Your dog may be restless as if he is nervous, shaky and it affects his sleep cycles.

What causes ear mites in dogs? How do dogs get them?

Acaros orejas perros 2 min Where do ear mites in dogs come from? He may have mites in its ears. Mites are very tiny arachnids that can only be seen with a magnifying glass or microscope.

How to get my dog to stop barking when someone is at the door

Perros gordos 01 Does your dog barks when he hears the neighbors, when someone comes to your home, when going out on the street or when the bell rings?

12 Common Reasons Why Your Dog Is Scratching Himself

Dog scratching If your dog is scratching more than usual, it's important to know that this can be caused by many different reasons of internal or external origin. These are some of the most common reasons why your dog is scratching himself.

4 Moments You Thought Your Dog Was A Weirdo

Tail chasing dog It seems the only plausible explanation for his behaviour, right? Tail chasing, coprophagy... Do you know why dogs act like that sometimes?

5 Ways To Help Your Dog Relax

Fotolia 106467937 Your dog might be hyperactive or look stressed for many reasons. These are some general recommendations to help him relax in this situations.