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My dog is suddenly scared of me and shaking, why?

Fear is a response that appears as the perception of a real or potential threat. It is a very common problem in our canine companions, which affects both their well-being and their daily lives, and also affects us.

How to get my older dog to accept the new puppy. He hates him!

Is your older dog attacking the new puppy? Our vets explains you how to introduce him to the current dog

Why do dogs stare and bark at nothing at night?

One possibility that our dog barks or growls at "nothing" is that there is something or someone that we cannot perceive but he can.

What does a dog do when he gets lost? How is his behavior?

Dog behavior after being lost at night -There is nothing more distressing for an owner than losing his dog

My dog doesn't bark anymore. How to make my dog bark?

If your dog can't bark all of a sudden or if he doesn't bark anymore, do not try to manipulate him to do so

Why do dogs howl at sirens, ambulances and fire trucks?

Surely you've ever heard a dog howl when he listened to the sound of sirens from an ambulance, police car, or fire truck. It is quite common, especially in certain breeds such as the Nordic or some hunting breeds.

How to tell if your dog is happy or sad with his life?

How to make your dog happy? How to know if your dog loves you? If you think that your friend is sad, he possibly is indeed

How to walk a puppy that doesn't want to walk on the leash

'My dog doesn't want to walk in the morning'. One of the things that frustrate the owners the most is that their dog does not want to walk

Why is my dog whining all of a sudden? - Causes and solutions

Today we are going to talk about the causes and the solutions you have to apply to stop the tears.

Signs your dog is dying of old age and what to do

How long does it take for a dog to die naturally at home and what to do as his caregiver