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Best dog food and recipes for obese dogs to lose weight

Perros dieta por Looking for the best dog food to lose weight? If your dog is obese, we recommend that you take him to the vet.

My cat suddenly loses balance when walking and falls, what can I do?

Atpor My cat is losing balace, what's wrong? If your cat is suddenly stumbling and disoriented, contact our online veterinarians

My cat stopped purring like usual, is he sick?

Rop Does your cat stopped purring when you got a new kitten or after surgery? If your cat won't purr, keepp on reading

Dog illnesses symptoms checker and health care

Perro enfermo Does your dog have bloody diarrhea and vomiting, fever and pain? These are the most common symtoms for the worst illnesses

My dog's hair falls out in clumps and patches, why?

Calvopo Excessive hair loss in your dog is a signal of alarm. If your furry keeps losing it after a day and gets bald areas, get in touch with our online veterinarians.

My dog won´t drink water but will eat, what can I do?

Perro beber How to trick your dog into drinking water? If your dog has stopped drinking the water, you have to take action on the matter.

Prostate problems in dogs, signs, symptoms and prevention

Fotolia 117267925 subscription monthly m Dogs can have prostate problems. In this article, we will tell you how to prevent, identify, and how to stop them. You might find some home remedies online that are supposed to be used to cure these prostate problems.

My dog's eye is red, is watering and squinting, why?

Rojo1 Is your dog squinting and lethargic? As happens to humans, dogs can also get up with rheum in their eyes. Some races are especially prone to generate them. So far, so good.

Do dogs have blood types? - List of dog blood types

Fotolia 89124318 subscription monthly m Dogs have eight blood groups different from those of humans; and therefore with different nomenclature.

Symptoms of parvo in puppies; how do dogs get parvovirus?

Parvo cachorro p Can a vaccinated dog get parvo? Where does parvo come from and which is the treatment? Our vets ask all your questions