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Benign tumors in dogs - How to treat dog tumors at home, is it possible?

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How to tell if your dog has vision problems - Is he going blind and deaf?

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How do I care for my dog with leishmaniasis? Is it treatable?

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What can I give my dog for gas pain? How to get rid of my dog´s gas

Amarilla p Your dog has fetid gases? Does he have a lot of gases and can not eject them, which then accumulate and hurts his belly? Does he have symptoms of colic?

My cat is losing hair on legs, belly and around neck - Home treatment

Gatopatas My cat is losing hair and weight around neck, on back near tail, on leghs, on head and on belly, what can I do? Is there any home treatment?

How to remove plaque from dog´s teeth and scrap tartar off

Rabia3 We explain you how to clean your dog´s teeth and how to scrape tartar off. Ask all your questions to our online vets

Home remedies for dog constipation - How to make my dog poop now

Moquiperris My dog can´t poop and is in pain or My dog had diarrhea and now is constipated are two symptoms solved with these home remedies

My dog is trying to vomit but nothing comes out - What to do

Chungo Does your dog sound like he is going to throw up but doesn´t? Our online vets tells you what to do if your dog is trying to throw up but can´t

Dog vomiting blood and mucus but acting normal - What to do

Rojo2 If your dog is vomiting blood, if you find especks of blood in his vomit or even a small amount of it, keep on reading, our vets are going to tell you what to do

My dog´s nose is losing his black color and changing to brown

Bultoperro Does your dog nose turning to pink or brown? A white spot has appeared on his nose? Our vets tell you what´s going on