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My dog is always scratching but doesn´t have fleas - How to stop the biting

D 'How can I get my dog to stop scratching and biting?' If your dog is constantly scratching and biting himself, do as it follows

What makes a dog cry when he poops? My dog whine before pooping

Cagar My puppy squeals when popping, cries and sometimes keeps trying to poop after popping in pain

FIV in cats - Life expectancy, contagious, vaccine and fleas

Fotolia 138975053 subscription monthly m FIV in cats is also called 'aids of the cats'. Our vets talks about how to prevent its contagious, if there is any vaccine and all you need to know about this disease

My dog doesn´t want to eat but acting normal, is he ok?

Barriga remedios p Why is your dog not eating his food anymore? If your puppy isn´t eating but acting normal, here you´ll find home remedies to recover his appetite

How to brush a dog's teeth that hates being brushed

Pasta1 How can I clean my dog´s teeth naturally? Our vets teach you how to brush your dog´s teeth

My dog only poops once a day, how many time does a dog poop?

Miedo1 If your are wondering how many times does a dog poop and pee a dy for a healthy dog poop chart, keep on reading

How to tell if your dog is getting better from parvovirus

Pasta2 How do I know If my puppy will survive parvo? How long do parvo symptoms last? Our vets answer all your questions about the stages of parvo

Canine Diabetes: Diagnosis, diet and Treatment options

Fotolia 113904375 subscription monthly m Diabetes is not only a problem of humans. It is estimated that 1 out of every 500 dogs suffer from this disease, which is why it is important to know the symptoms and know how to act if our dog is diabetic.

Parvovirus: why it is important to vaccinate your dog

Parvovirus  1 The parvovirus is one of the most serious diseases that can affect the dogs.

My dog has parvovirus, how to treat it? Which are the stages of parvo?

Veterinario The parvovirus is one of the worst diseases that your dog can suffer, especially if he is a puppy.