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My indoor cat keeps sneezing but seems fine, what´s wrong?

Looking for a cat sneezing runny nose home remedy? Cats can spend more than a week with sneezing and watery eyes if they catch a cold

How do dogs get rabies? How long can a dog live with rabies?

Can a vaccinated dog get rabies? Rabies is one of the deadly diseases in dogs that have no cure, only methods to prevent its spread.

Canine distemper: symptoms, transmission, shot and causes

Can a dog recover from distemper? How long can a dog live with distemper? This is one of the most serious diseases in dogs.

Mustard-yellow dog poop, why his poop is orange?

The perfect poop is brown, consistent, and solid. Your dog has to do it every day and it should not be very dense or very liquid.

My dog has diarrhea but is acting fine, why?

Has your dog diarrhea but acting normal and eating? Most intestinal dysfunctions are caused by irritation of the intestine's walls.

Pills to kill fleas on dogs, is it the best remedy against them?

Looking for the best flea pills for dogs? The best way to eliminate fleas is to ask a veterinarian

Healthy puppy poop chart - Are my dog's feces normal?

If we had to define the "perfect poop" it would be chocolate, neither too hard nor too soft, although each dog is a world.

My dog has dandruff and itchy skin, what do I do?

What does dandruff look like? Are there any home remedies? Generally, dandruff in dogs can be the consequence of bad hygiene

My dog's nose is cold and wet, what does it mean?

What does it mean when a dog's nose is warm? The nose, either wet or cold in doggies, is a symptom of good health.

My cat's breath smells like fish, rotten meat and even poop

How is normal cat breath smell? If your cat breath smells like death it can be a symptom of a disease