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Risks of contraceptive pills for female cats

Gato pastilla How to make a cat infertile? Never using homemade birth control pills for cats!

My cat fell off the balcony - high-rise syndrome in cats

Gato ventana mirando Why cats fall from high places? Our vets explain you the high-rise syndrome in cats and what to do

Do I need to wash my dog after the beach or not?

Playa mar perro Is saltwater bad for dogs skin? Is it good for your dog to bathe in salt water? It depends.

My old dog is not eating and sleeping a lot, what can I do?

Perro viejo no come po Why is my old dog not eating his food anymore? When a furry one is already a senior dog he loses the faculty of the sight, of the hearing and also of the smell.

How long will my puppy poop blood and worms after deworming

Sangredesparasitar1 Puppies are very sensitive to antiparasitic drugs, so if they start to bleed after taking them it is because the drug affected him badly; hurting him and you urgently needs to see a doctor.

Can a vaccinated dog get distemper? How does a dog get it?

Moquillo perrosp Vaccination is the best way to guarantee that your dog does not get, but can a vaccinated dog get distemper?

My dog feels cold and, trembles and is lethargic, what's wrong with him?

Frio1 Your dog's ears are an indicator of his health and body temperature. Questions like if you have to cover the dogs to sleep or if you have to put a coat on them, their ears will be able to answer.

My dog's urine is dark yellow and smells, why?

Amari1 Urine that is orange, very yellow or dark brown is an indicator that something is not right with the health of your dog, especially if he does not want to eat.

How to tell if your guinea pig is sick or depressed?

Cobaya cuidados The guinea pigs are one of our favorite rodents because they always want to play, are very sociable, affectionate, lovers of freedom, and they love to spend good times by our side.

Taxonomy of a domestic dog - Classification from kingdom to species

Nombre cientifico perro Are dogs and wolves the same species? Do you know what the scientific name of the dog is?