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Safe air fresheners for homes with pets, which are the best?

Ambientadores mascotas If you have animals at home, you may be looking for the best air fresheners for homes with pets, or how to eliminate the smell of a dog...

How to introduce a second cat when one is aggressive

Fotolia 202821923 subscription monthly m How to introduce a kitten to an older cat? Living with a cat is so fascinating that many of us think about introducing a new feline at home.

Differences between a beagle and a basset hound

Beagle Confusions between different breeds of dogs are usually between races belonging to the same group. In this case, the beagle and the basset hound are two breeds of bloodhounds.

Differences between a cocker and a springer spaniel as family pet

Disen  o sin ti  tulo  3 Which is best as your family pet? The cocker and the springer are two very similar dog breeds and that can sometimes be confused

Dachshund: origin, temperament and health problems

Perros salchichas A daschshund is due to a mutation known as achondroplasia or bassetism, more commonly known as dwarfism.

What was the first domesticated dog breed on earth?

Lobo Scientists say that the first genetic modifications occurred naturally and slowly during generations of wolves.

When can I bathe my puppy for the first time and how?

Cachorro ba  o The bath should be understood as an activity in which the health of the pet is sought, and, why not, to improve his self-esteem, if this term fits for pets.

Small dogs for adoption: breeds, origin, and advantages

Perros pequenos Are you looking for small dogs good with kids that don't bark?

Differences between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Shepherd and Malinois

Pastor belga tervueren German Shepherd vs Belgian Shepherd. Their differences are more than evident for lovers of the breed, but not everyone sees them at first sight.

'I love my dog like a child' - How to treat a dog?

Bebe1 Your dog is not a baby. You need to know how to treat your dog like a dog. They are sociable and familiar, but they are not babies.