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Do dogs understand kisses from humans on the head?

Does my dog really love me? In the language of dogs, kisses do not exist in the same way as they are in our way of expressing ourselves.

Names for dogs: Unique names for dogs - 2019

One of the first doubts that may happen when there is a new dog in our life; the time when we are choosing the name of our dog. It is justified because it will accompany all his life.

Bearded dragon for beginners - pogona vitticeps care 101

Bearded dragon care 101 - Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the care of the bearded dragon (or pogona vitticeps).

My dog stinks no matter what I do! What can I do?

Does your dog smells rotten? Not only do you have to resort to the dry bath or the usual home remedy called vinegar to remove the smell of your friend.

Symptoms of a dying cat of old age, of kidney failure or from cancer

As his caregiver, you have to know the signs a cat is dying depending on their age, where he tends to do it, and the symptoms that he manifests when he is moribund.

Aggresive cats and new baby - Signs of a jealous cat

Can cats suffocate babies? How is a cat behavior after new baby arrives? cats are very stressful animals, and any changes in the environment can generate very high levels of stress

Differences between a labrador and golden retriever, how to tell the difference?

How to tell the difference between a golden retriever and a labrador? These are the differences between both breeds

How to travel long distances with a dog? - Sleeping pills for puppies

Are you planning to use dog sedatives or dog sleeping pills? Will sleeping pills kill a dog? Our vets answer these questions

Christmas dangers for our pets - Winter hazards for pets

The Christmas star plant or Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) presents a danger for our pets, especially in the case of ingestion.

Home remedies for dog's bad breath, how to get rid of it?

How to get rid of bad dog´s breath? Yogurt, apple cider vinegar... Our vets talks about all these home remedies in this article