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Why should you adopt a dog rather than buy one at Christmas

Adopting a dog vs buying from a breeder, all the benefits of adopting a pet from a shelter. Save a life for saving yourself

10 New Year's Resolutions - How to be a better dog owner

Start a fresh new year beeing a more responsible and better dog owner withs our advises, which are the qualities of a good pet owner?

My dog watches tv and barks, is that normal?

Is it a sign of intelligence that your dog watches TV like a human or what? Our vets ask this question in this article

Tips For A Safe Christmas With Your Pet

Keep our pets safe during Christmas can be more complicated than it seems. Decorations, plants, gifts, Christmas lights, food... If you don't want to end up in the vet's emergency room, follow this tips for a safe Christmas with your pet.

Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog's Paws In Summer

With high temperatures, we need to be careful with heath strokes, but we should also protect our dog's paws. Your dog's paws are like "thickened skin", but they are also sensitive to wounds, cuts, blistering...

How to Build a Catio

A catio is a patio for cats, usually connected to the house, that allows cats to enjoy the benefits of beeing outdoors, without any risks. Do you know how to build a catio?

What Is Catnip and Why Your Cat Loves It So Much

If you have a cat, you'd probably noticed that there are many cat toys with catnip. But, what is catnip and why your cat loves it so much?

8 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Thanksgiving means friends, family, and feasts. But is also a time for possible distress for your pet. To have a happy celebration, if you have an animal companion, don't forget these thanksgiving safety tips for pet owners.

Scientific Name For Dog: Anywhere, in Any Language

All species have a scientific name which we barely use and most of the times we ignore. Do you know with is the scientific name for the dog?

Benefits of joining Barkibu as an online veterinarian

Every day more and more people use the internet to resolve their doubts. Why not an online veterinarian who answers the questions we have about our pet's health?