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8 Reasons Your Dog Hates Summer

We spend the long winters wishing it was summer: good weather, fun activities, the beach, holidays... but our dog might not agree. These are some reasons why your dog doesn't like summer season.

5 Tips To Protect Your Dog From Heath Strokes

Dogs are much more sensitive to hot temperatures than we are. Unlike humans, they cannot easily regulate their body temperature, as they only have sweat glands in the footpads. The only way they can eliminate heat is by panting.

5 Tips To Save Money On Vet Care

If your pet is sick, you must go to the vet immediately. But remember that if you take care of him properly, he won't get sick very often. We just need to adopt some healthy habits!

5 Cleaning Products To Avoid If You Have A Pet

If you have a pet at home, you know home cleaning is especially important: hair everywhere, mud, some peepee in the carpet... However, not all cleaning products are safe for pets, nor we can clean their bed, their litterbox or toys the same way.

Scary Bacteria Living in Your Dog's Bed

Your dog's bed hides thousands of microorganisms such as parasites, virus, bacteria, bugs and fungi. Same way we care about washing and changing our bed's sheets often, we should take care of the dog's bed.

8 Ways You Are Shortening Your Dog's Life

Having a pet is a great responsibility. They give us love and make us company, but they also depend on us for everything: to eat, to play, to be healthy...

Air Fresheners And Pets: Are They Safe?

Be careful with the products you use. Remember that many cleaning products we have at home are toxic for pets, including air fresheners.

How to Give Your Pet Medication Without a Fuss

Sometimes giving your pet his or her meditation is almost impossible... especially with cats. These are some tips you can try if you need them to take a pill.

Human Meds You Should Never Give to Pets

An alarming number of owners ask in Barkibu what medication they can give to their sick pets. But there are many human meds that are extremely dangerous for pets, even lethal. If your pet is sick and needs a treatment, you should always go to the vet.

Your Dog's Age in Human Years

You might have heard that rule that one year for your dog equals seven years for you. But the math isn't that simple! According to WebMD, after reviewing different studies, they concluded that your dog's first year equals 15 human years.