How to Build a Catio

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A catio is a patio for cats, usually connected to the house, that allows cats to enjoy the benefits of beeing outdoors, without any risks. Do you know how to build a catio?

A catio can be installed in houses with gardens, but also in patios, porches or terraces. On the internet, you can find thousands of ideas that will allow your cat to safely enjoy the sun. It's not a cage or crate, your cat can go in and out (from the catio to the house) whenever he or she wants.

Benefits of Having a Catio for Your Cat

If you have a cat at home, you will know that you must be careful with doors and windows. Although some people think that they always come back, the truth is that an accident may occur if your cat leaves home: cars, dogs, fighting with other cats...

However, cats are more wild and independent than dogs.They enjoy some extra freedom. That, and the sun, climbing, hiding...

  • Catios provide environmental enrichment, that is, give your cat more options rather than looking out of the window

  • Thanks to the catio, your cat has more activity, which prevents obesity and other overweight problems

  • If the catio has cat scratching posts, toys and cat trees, it becomes also a playground

  • It is safe

How to Build a Catio

You have two options: either you buy a built catio and adapt it to your space, or you build a catio from scratch to fit your needs. Here are some tips to build a catio and some tricks to make it easier.

1. Look for inspiration on the Internet

Look at all the pictures you can get and try to think how the design would fit your house

2. Choose the right place at home

It might be in the garden, a patio or a balcony. Remember that it has to have a direct connection with the house. You will probably have to make a hole on the wall, although you can also use a balcony or a window. If you do make the hole on the wall, you could use a cat door so it won't be always open.

3. Buy the material needed to build the catio

Usually wood and a net. The net must be very resistant and you must make sure that there is no hole in which your cat fits.

If you don't want to build the catio from scratch,you can use a henhouse or a birdhouse. It must fit your space and be safe. Other than that, let your imagination fly.

4. Decorate the catio

If you have enough space, add some cat trees, scratching posts and toys, so the catio will become a playground. Put water, a bed and a litter box. You can also put a chair or a sofa so you can join your cat and read a book under the sun.

Ideas for Catios

These are some ideas for catios you can find on the internet.