Cushing's disease in dogs - Complications, behavior and treatment

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Cushing disease, also called simply Cushing, is a disease of hormonal nature that occurs in dogs. The cause is an excess of cortisol production. This hormone is produced through the adrenal gland and allows us to respond actively to a stressful situation. Both dogs and humans have this hormone.

This cortisol has several consequences in the organism, but the fundamental one is that it depresses the immune system, increases the level of sugar that your furry friend has in his blood, and also affects the formation of his bones. There are several reasons why Cushing disease occurs in dogs, but the most common is due to a tumor or a malfunction of the glands.

In this article, we are going to talk about this disease, but do not forget that you have the advice from our online veterinarians to receive all the information you need about this disease.

Can a dog die from Cushing's disease?

As we have said, Cushing crushes his immune system, which makes him more likely to get opportunistic diseases such as conjunctivitis or a cold, but also allows more serious diseases to attack and crush him. That is why Cushing can drastically shorten your dog's life expectancy.

The problem is that this disease usually appears in senior dogs, at a time in their life where their health and resistance are not the same as that of a young dog. What you need to do in this situation is to visit the veterinarian, diagnose the cause of the appearance of Cushing, and alleviate its effects with medication.

Is the Cushing disease in dogs contagious?

Being a hormonal disease, Cushing is not contagious. However, it may seem that it is. Its symptoms, when attacking the immune system are vary a lot. Some dogs have hair loss, they lose weight, and their appetite, or have compulsive reactions such as eating disorders, like a greater need to drink. This hair loss or apathy may be reminiscent of diseases such as scabies or parvovirus, so one may think that it is contagious.

The dogs that have more odds to contract Cushing are the ones of small breeds when they reach advanced ages, but that does not mean that, because he has these qualities, he is going to suffer it. Cushing disease is difficult to diagnose even for veterinarians as the symptoms are mild. Some dogs change their behavior, others dry out or their skin break, others eat a lot, some eat less...

This is due to this disease causing a strong hormonal disorder, which alters the rhythms of your dog's life, his desires, psyche, and everything you knew about him. It may seem scabies, it may seem dementia, it may seem lots of things... The best thing is always to consult a veterinarian.

CUSHING DISEASE in Dogs - Behavior, Life Expectancy and treatment

What is canine Cushing disease, how does it affect dogs, what diagnosis does it have, and what is the treatment? What's more, is there a natural treatment for Cushing syndrome? In this video, we explain how this disease in dogs is, which usually occurs when they are older.

Life expectancy of a dog with Cushing

This syndrome does not cause a fulminating death and, in general, it can be treated and palliated with medication so that your dog can live much longer with you. What you should never resort to is natural treatments promising all sorts of healing. Do not forget that Cushing appears when your dog is already very old, so the best thing you can do is guarantee the last few years of his life are great.

To the question of how long a dog with Cushing lives, it is necessary to answer that it depends. It depends on the cause of Cushing, on his state of mind, and his strength until he reached this point. His whole life will be put in check, do not forget that he will lose strength and resistance to diseases, but how did he get here. Don't worry. If it is caught on time, if you give him affection, the treatment is correct, and he is given a good diet, he will enjoy his last years of life.

As you can see, Cushing syndrome is a very confusing disease that would require further investigation. For now, what we know is that it is a hormonal disease that crushes the immune system of dogs of small races of advanced age, which leaves them very prone to contract diseases but the appropriate palliative treatment will allow your colleague to live a life reasonably good. As always, the best treatment is to go to the vet on time.