Do dogs understand kisses from humans on the head?

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Does my dog really love me? How to show a dog affection? Do dogs like kisses on the head? In the language of dogs, kisses do not exist in the same way as they are in our way of expressing ourselves. They give love with licking, approaching us and letting themselves be spoiled, so what do they feel when we kiss them? Is it good to give them kisses? Do they understand us?

The first thing to say is that not all dogs like to receive kisses, not everyone is comfortable with the face of a human nearby, and why? Well precisely because they are not able to interpret our kiss as what it means to us. The first days with your dog it is frequent that he reacts strange to your kiss in his head or in his body, because he is still learning what you want to say.

Do dogs understand kisses and hugs?

A kiss, for a dog, is just like another human action of yours that he has to learn. After a few months, he will understand that you kiss him because he has done something good, because you are having a nice time together or because you are also caressing him while you bring your lips to him.

When he understands it, he will know that it is for something good and he will feel it as if it were an award in the form of affection.

And what does my dog feel when I kiss him in the mouth?

The moment he learns that it's because you want it, that's how he'll interpret it, not before. Think that, although they are similar gestures, the lickings that he gives with our kisses, in reality they are totally different.

They lick you to show you that you are the boss, to give you his warmth and to express his peace of mind and confidence. Licking for them involves passing the tongue in the same place, a technique that they also use with their puppies to give them warmth, that is, with someone they love very much.

A kiss, however, involves putting pressure on the lips and making a sound by pushing them away. Therefore, you will have to give them time to understand that our kisses are equivalent to their licks. It happens that, once they understand it, they themselves look for our face to give us licks on the lips pretending they are kisses, because they know that we like them.

Is it bad for my health that my dog licks me directly in the mouth?

Recent studies have shown that some bacteria that live in the mouth of your dog have a probiotic effect on our bodies, that is, they help us prevent diseases, but of course, they also contain bacteria that can harm or make us sick.

If you like to kiss your dog in the mouth, or of him licking your lips from time to time, get used to brushing his teeth with specific products, always have his vaccination card in order and up-to-date and do not try that after he ate or after going out on the street. With a little care and after spending some time with your dog, he will love your kisses. And you? Do you give yourself lots of kisses on your dog?