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I hope your dog never has the symptoms that we are going to tell you next, because having them can mean that there is the possibility that he has a potentially fatal disease.

In case you detect that he has any of these signs, contact our veterinarians urgently.

Does your dog have bloody diarrhea and vomiting?

If your dog has these symptoms he may be suffering from parvovirosis. This disease is characterized by severe pain. You will see him complaining about his belly, suffering strong diarrhea mixed with liquid blood that smells very bad, and will not stop vomiting either. Although it can affect adult dogs, it is more common in puppies.

If you detect blood in his stools, take him as soon as you can to a veterinarian. Parvovirosis is a deadly disease, but remember, it can be prevented through vaccination.

Does he have diarrhea and also fever and a lot of pain in the body?

If in addition to an excess of vomit and malaise you detect that he has a fever it can be leptospirosis. This disease is not only lethal for him, but it can also infect you. The way to prevent him from contracting is, again, to vaccinate him. One of our veterinarians will tell you when and how.

In any case, whether or not he is vaccinated, prevent him from smelling the pee or the feces of another dog, because if they come from an animal with leptospirosis, he can contract it. This disease attacks the kidneys and also the liver in a deadly way.

Has he recently pooped very few, vomited and lost his appetite?

As you can see, many of the deadly diseases of dogs have their origin in the feces of other dogs. Although it is said that animals need to smell the urine from others to identify whose territory they are in, ignore this and avoid him sniffing them if possible.

It is unfortunately common for younger puppies to suffer from coronavirosis. As we said, it is shown with the following symptoms: vomiting, sadness, lack of appetite, bloody diarrhea with mucus, and even tremors. The problem with coronavirosis is that it makes him prone to catching parvovirosis, which ends prematurely with his life.

Does he cry a green liquid instead of tears?

If you detect this symptom in him, it is very likely that he is suffering from distemper. This disease is deadly. What this condition does to him is to weaken him little by little until it ruins his mood and finally take his life away. At the slightest sign of a possible distemper, contact one of our veterinarians immediately.

Distemper can also cause digestive problems, pneumonia, skin rash, etc. The symptoms are varied, hence the importance of routinely reviewing our furry.

Is your is retching as if he wants to vomit but he cannot?

If from one day to the next you see that your dog has retching as if wanting to vomit but without doing so, it is possible that he is suffering from gastric torsion.

This disease is common in large dogs and can also be lethal. These symptoms can also occur when the dog has an obstruction because of ingestion of a foreign body that he tries to expel.

Does your dog have a mouth infection and pain in the body?

We must be careful with the infections that our dog has in the mouth because they can spread to the kidney and cause serious kidney failure.

In order to know what is happening, it is recommendable to take him to the veterinarian regularly so that he can do a complete check-up, which includes teeth inspection. Also, it is very important to take care of his dental health.

Does he suddenly have limping or stiffness in his legs?

It could be Lyme disease, a very serious condition. It is contracted by your dogs via a deer's tick bite.

To cure Lyme disease, antibiotics must be prescribed and used for four weeks, although, unfortunately, he will never be healthy at all, but he will improve a little. When facing the first sign that he has trouble walking, contact our veterinarians online as soon as possible.

Have you been recently in a very dirty area?

Very dirty or contaminated areas are a breeding ground for fungi. Dogs are prone to get infected with them suffering from skin problems and also liver or kidney conditions. Usually, if your dog runs away from home and you find him in an unhygienic area it is best to take him to the veterinarian.

These are the potentially deadly dog diseases that we want to warn you about, but there are more. In certain areas, there are mosquitoes capable of spreading heartworms and the intake of chocolate is still a terrible problem, because, for them, chocolate is a poison. In certain areas, leishmaniasis is transmitted by the sand-fly and can also be a serious problem, which can cause skin lesions and severe renal failure that can cause the death of the dog.

If you detect any of the symptoms described in your dog get in touch with our veterinarians as soon as possible, for his safety and for your peace of mind.