Dog vomiting white foam and diarrhea, what do I do?


Mar 20

Posted by Barkibu editors

When your dog is a puppy you have to be extremely cautious. At the slightest sign that he may be suffering from an illness, you must take him to the veterinarian. At these early ages they have not always received all the vaccines they need, so they are especially exposed to develop some pathology. In that context, __what happens to him if he vomits and has diarrhea? __Is it a serious illness?

My dog has diarrhea and is vomiting

This type of behavior is relatively frequent in young doggies. Your friend does not yet know his body, his physical limits, and even his own needs. To know if these vomits are a problem you have to look at what situations it occurs.

You have to accompany him in his first meals and analyze his way of eating, does he gobble things too fast? Does he swallow the food as if there was no tomorrow? If this is your case, it is normal for him to vomit because his gastric system is not used to this rhythm. It is normal that you get scared when he vomits, but he will end up finding his own rhythm of chewing and swallowing. Here we give you some tips on how to act in this case.

Dog coughing up white foam and clear liquid

The problem of eating very fast is that he chokes and gets nervous. The first time that this happens to your puppy is somewhat dramatic, but the vomit will help him to expel that portion from food that had him clogged, so he will calm down. In case he is not able to expel it, you will have to lend him a hand and practice the Heimlich maneuver. Keep reading and you will know how to do it in case it is necessary to use it.

The first thing you have to do is examine his mouth. If you see the object, try to remove it with your hand, but only if he is calm, otherwise he might bite you. If it is not possible to do this and he is a small dog, put him upside down holding him by the waist, gravity will do the rest. If this plan does not work either, give him a hard blow on the side, but be careful, you do not want to hurt him.

Dog vomiting white foam and shaking

The last resort is to use the Heimlich maneuver. Based on his weight, you will have to raise him, putting his back against your belly and pushing from his abdomen backwards and upwards so that he spits whatever is preventing him to breathe.

This case is similar to the previous one. He still does not know his body and does not know how far he can run, jump and spin without falling exhausted. If after a fun day at your side he vomits a little, do not worry, it's only because of doing so much sport.

Your puppy vomits white foam, but only in the mornings

If these vomits are regular and always in the early hours of the day, he might have mild gastritis. We recommend that you take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible. It is not something serious and it is usually cured with the help of a better and of higher quality diet and a few days eating less. If instead of being white the vomits are yellow, we tell you how to act.

If these vomits occur with a fever he may have an infection, so you will need antibiotics or medications that have to be prescribed by a specialist. Never medicate your dog without the advice of a veterinarian, although you read on the internet that someone recommends giving primperan or similar, doing so can make his condition worse.

But what if he vomits and his abdomen is swollen?

Here begin the problem, because your puppy may be suffering some severe disease related to your digestive system. If his abdomen is swollen, there is something in there that bothers and oppresses him. This is a serious case, so if you see that he vomits white foam and he neither ate fast nor had done much sport, take him urgently to the vet, without a second to lose.

What happens if my puppy vomits white foam and has diarrhea?

If this is your case, we could be talking about a case of intoxication, the infection of a virus or intolerance. If it is the first time he drinks milk, he is likely to be allergic and his body will react like this. Has he met with another dog that day? In this case, he may have suffered the spread of some bacteria, for example. Has he eaten something strange or you remember seeing him lick something weird? Then he may have been intoxicated with something.

These are just some of the reasons for his vomiting and diarrhea, but there is more. It may be a reaction to a medication you have given without a prescription, because he is suffering from stress, or we are dealing with the symptoms of a worse illness. In any of these cases, you have to go to your veterinarian. First, dismiss that it is constipation or an excess of exercise and then go to your veterinarian.