Home remedies for dog hair loss and itching - The best treatment

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We have to be very careful if we see that our dog is peeling his hair off, whether he has dermatitis, elephant skin, scabies, or dermatophytosis, the first thing we have to do is diagnose it, take the appropriate measures to solve it, and do everything necessary so that the cause of your dog's peeling does not extend to other furry ones since sometimes it can be contagious.

The reasons why your dog has started to lose hair are many, being difficult for you to only try to guess the diagnosis. The problem of failing at it and applying home remedies without planning is that, in the case of dermatophytosis, for example, this is a disease caused by a fungus that can be spread to cats or children. If you think it's scabies or dermatitis and you apply olive oil on his skin to calm the pain, you may be getting the disease yourself.

We tell you this because, before deciding to apply home remedies for dogs that are losing hair, you have to take a picture of his skin, note down when he has started to lose hair, and know how it evolved. With all that data, make a query to our online veterinarians.

Home remedies for scabies in dogs: neutral shampoo and lemon

Scabies in dogs must be diagnosed before being treated. You will suspect that it is scabies because it will appear that he has strands of his body being torn off, his skin will redden, and he will not stop scratching. Scabies is caused by mites and is passed between dogs by direct contact or by the presence of mites in their environment.

The dogs most prone to get scabies are those that are very weak, poorly fed, or sad, so if your dog contracts scabies it will be your fault. After being diagnosed, your veterinarian will proceed to offer a customized treatment. Supported by him, your duty will be to give him baths with warm water and special neutral soap for scabies.

To relieve his wounds you can use quality olive oil and chamomile. You will have to try and give what is most comfortable for him. It is also highly recommended that you improve his diet. Regarding his wounds, we can use yogurt without sugar and without dyes to help heal and use lemon to disinfect, however, if you see he itching, stop using it.

Home remedies for dogs with alopecia dermatitis

When we talk about dermatitis in dogs it is essential that we know what type of dermatitis we are talking about. Dermatitis that causes loss of hair can be caused by fungi, can be allergic, caused by too many baths, and the consequent weakening of his skin and fat, or because something has irritated the skin when he touched something weird. Some dogs suffer contact dermatitis from falling into a pool with chlorine.

The atopic dermatitis is the one that we can relieve at home with home remedies. In this case, we recommend that you relieve his pain with essential oils. What they do is nourish his skin and relieve the pain you feel. If your dog is losing hair because of dermatitis it is because it hurts so much that he scratches to relieve pain and plucks hair strands.

Home remedies for dermatophytosis in dogs

Dermatophytosis is the reason why, whenever your dog's skin starts to peel, you have to get in touch with our online veterinarians. Dermatophytosis is a disease of the skin caused by fungi, and they are very contagious, even from dogs to cats or from dogs to children. It is characterized because it makes your dog bald in almost circular spots.

If you do not know if it is dermatophytosis, atopic dermatitis, or scabies, take a picture and make your query to our online veterinarians, because you cannot apply home remedies without knowing it. Based on this, get your diagnosis from a specialized veterinarian, apply the appropriate medications, and then resort to the home remedies that we recommend here to relieve his pain.

This is important when talking about dermatophytosis, because not only does he need medication, his home and all the places that your dog has gone through need a thorough cleaning with bleach. It is necessary to eliminate the spores of the fungi that have caused it and leave your friend in isolation for a while so that he does not infect other animals.

Home remedies for dogs that lose hair, what to use

Always follow this pattern: take a photo of the area that lost hair and make your query to our online veterinarians; we will talk about the seriousness of the matter and we will recommend, if needed, a doctor for your friend. Once you apply the proper treatment, use yogurt, olive oil, and essential oils to caress his skin and help his wounds to heal.