Home remedies for dog's bad breath, how to get rid of it?

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Are you wondering how to get rid of bad dog breatg? Does your dog have halitosis? Before resorting to fresheners or sprays to correct that foul smell of rotten fish, read this article. We'll tell the reasons why it has halitosis and a number of home remedies and solutions to revert the smell.

Remember that this article is for informational purposes only. If your dog has bad breath all of a sudden, we invite you to leave a query to our online veterinarians. Tell them what is its age, race, body weight and what its symptoms are. So you'll know exactly what to do.


Home remedies for bad breath of dogs are designed to take away that smell of rotten fish from the mouth of your furry. The cleaning of teeth for doggies is fundamental, and learning how to detect possible diseases by analyzing the state of their mouth also is.

My dog has has bad breath all of a sudden

The reason why a doggie has bad breath is that of a problem with its dental health or by what happens in his stomach. All home remedies or solutions that we try have to go on these two directions. That is to say, the solution is not to use sprays or fresheners if it does not have tartar and its diet is perfect.

In the first place, and before using any home remedy, you have to learn how to clean its teeth. Dental hygiene of your dog has to be a priority. Tartar and caries build up in its mouth daily, it can cause infections and make this extends to their organs. In the long run, the bacteria from their tusks can cause kidney failure or worse.

How do you get rid of dog bad breath?

So, in the first place, go to the store and buy toothpaste and a brush, both suitable for him. Remember that you cannot use the paste you use with you, fluorine is lethal for dogs. This cleaning has to be on a daily basis. If you find it difficult for the dog to trust you when you put the brush in the mouth, soak your finger with something tasty and caresses its lips. After a couple of days getting used to you, it will allow you to clean.

Cleaning its teeth with care and daily you can solve most of its problems of bad breath. The way to perform this operation changes if it is a puppy or a bigger dog, so ask our veterinarians to receive personalized advice.

Home remedies for dog´s bad breath

If you already clean its teeth on a daily basis, the problem may be in its food. A poor diet, eating poorly, cheap dog food or those that come in cans can cause bad breath for two reasons. In the case of wet food, this usually stays between the teeth if not washed, generating the bad smell.

Many times we wonder why our dog gets sick so often and have awful health at his mouth. The solution, in the vast majority of cases, is located in a poor feeding. A bad meal may harm the stomach, irritating it, causing gases that will result in bad fish smell.

So what is the solution? Therefore, in addition to clean its teeth, we change its diet. Stop buying the old food and begin investing in a new one, of better quality. Another option, one that is ideal when you want to correct its breath fast, is that you spend time cooking home-made food made by you. Natural food is very good for its belly, but never do it without prior consultation with our online dieticians so you will know how to cook and what foods never to give it.

What can I give my dog for bad breath?

When you go change its diet, do it on a regular basis, little by little, and introducing the new feed without haste. If you do it in haste it will result in diarrhea. Another tip is that, in addition to controlling its food, you should control what you give to drink as well. The way to care for its stomach is not only that it eats well, but also that it drinks enough so that it helps to go the bathroom a proper number of times.

Make sure that its drinker is always filled and with fresh and clean water. If you combine these three tips with a plentiful life, full of sport, activity, and smile, its mouth will be healthy. Anyway, on some occasions, a bad breath can mean some type of stomach disease. If it has lots of vomiting, diarrhea, belly with tense muscles, or if you see parasites inside its stools, first visit a veterinarian before attempting anything we mentioned here.