How do you get rid of a cold for a dog and flu symptoms?

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In this article, we are going to tell you what can be given to a dog when it has a cold and a runny nose. The canine constipation is very annoying; it makes him more tired, prevents him from doing as much physical exercise as he usually does, and even makes him eat less, because he finds it hard to appreciate the taste of the food.

Although here we are going to give you some tips to act in this situation, remember that the symptoms of a cold can be confused with those of distemper, so the first thing you have to do is always go to the specialist.

If in addition to what we say here you need more help, remember that you can make your query to our online veterinarians, they will tell you how to pamper them in a personalized way.

Dog cold medicine over the counter, which one?

A lot of people ask us this question. The answer is no, you cannot give Paracetamol or anything to a dog without medical supervision; not even syrups, Even if he has snot and seems to drown. You have to think that the dosage of each drug is based on the morphology, weight, and age of the person taking it, which means that what is good for dogs, it is not good for people and vice-versa.

This not only affects medicines, but also food. Many PetLovers decide to feed their friends with natural food; that is, only with homemade recipes made by them and without resorting to processed ones. An inexperienced caregiver might think that there is no risk if he eats in this way, but if you do it without being supervised by a dietitian you could damage his digestive system, not provide the calories he needs, and facilitate the appearance of viruses and bacteria. If this happens with the food, imagine with the medicines.

So, what can a dog be given when he has a cold?

Forget about rare home remedies or unsupervised treatments you can find in an internet forum. Distemper is a deadly disease, especially in puppies and older dogs. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is rule out this possibility with a veterinarian. Once you've done it, it's time to act.

In addition to what the doctor has prescribed, you have to love him twice as much. The first thing you need to know is that a dog with a cold will be more tired than usual. In general, a dog that is down and needs more sleep is not a good sign, but in the case of constipation, you will have to let him lie down as much as he needs.

Make sure that your home is warm, without drafts, but without heating if it is not strictly necessary; and only a little if you think you need it. Make sure the environment is not especially dry, because he needs some moisture. We recommend that you take him to the bathroom, open the tap of the shower and let the steam spread through the room; it will be good to unclog his airways. If you bathe him, use a special dryer for dogs so that he does not have any water left soaked in his fur.

My dog has snots and he suffocates; what I can give him?

If your puppy or dog has a cold it is possible that he will have snot and have a feeling of suffocation. In addition to the bathtub tip, clean them from the inside out and only if you do not hurt them. Be very careful and ask our online veterinarians how to do it well in case of doubt.

Something that you will need when he is snotty is to eat well, but if he has the truffle loaded with mucus, he will not be able to perceive the taste of the food. The way to get his appetite back is to give him moist recipes and warm them up a little bit; the aroma and the heat will help him better understand that he has a tasty feast before him and he will eat again. If he has to eat feed, add a little water to get the same effect.

Home remedies for dog cough and cold

Check that the fever is going down gradually, because if it does not, he will have to go back to the vet. Do not forget that this rise in temperature can mean that he has an infection or that the cold is a symptom of something worse (distemper, for example, as we indicated at the beginning of this article).

Again, do not even think about giving Paracetamol or a human syrup to your dog; do not even resort to home remedies. Always confirm that it is not a worse disease and then use the advice we have given you in our article. If you have any questions, request more information from our online veterinarians.