How does a dog get distemper and how long does it last?

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Does distemper have a cure in dogs? Is it possible to infect humans? How long does it last? Are there home remedies to eliminate it? In this article we will answer all your questions about one of the most lethal dog diseases that exist, that attacks mostly puppies and that is usually confused with flu by the novice PetLovers.

We do not want you to have any doubt about canine distemper. That is why we have enabled consultations with our online veterinarians. Contact us and ask us everything you want, because having the right information is the key to face this terrible pathology.

How does a dog get distemper?

The initial symptoms of distemper are the same as those that occur in almost all diseases in dogs. Your colleague will be discouraged and lose the appetite. This is always the warning that something bad happens to him and that you have to go out calling the specialist or leave a query to our online vets.

After becoming infected, the distemper takes between two and three weeks to manifest its true symptoms. The most characteristic signals are: nasal secretions in the form of something like mucus, swelling of the pads of his paws accompanied by fever and different infections, because the distemper virus makes it easier for them to happen. Among the most common is that of conjunctivitis.

Can a dog recover from distemper?

He will also have vomiting and diarrhea, which can lead to severe dehydration that can end with his life. All these symptoms will indicate that your dog may have distemper, but remember that, before it is too late, you have to call the veterinarian to put him as soon as possible in treatment.

The distemper is spread from dog to dog and cannot be spread to humans. This disease is caught if two dogs exchange fluids with each other but also through the environment surrounding the infected dog, because the distemper virus remains in the living air and waiting for a new host.

How long can a dog live with distemper?

This pathogen has a lot of resistance, so it is essential that your dog is vaccinated to fight against it. The key date for him to receive the first vaccine is when he is a puppy. In this stage of its growth, the possibilities of contagion and death increase tremendously due to distemper. There have also been cases in elderly dogs, but in smaller amounts.

Distemper can also occur in vaccinated dogs. Remember that a virus mutates over the years, it changes and becomes stronger. This medicine is to inoculate in your system one of these viruses which was absolutely weakened, so that the dog's body learns to fight it for when the real one arrives. But as it is possible that each year it becomes a little more powerful, you also have to reinforce the vaccine.


My dog is pooping blood and diarrhea, dog has bloody but acting norma...The treatment for diarrhea with blood in dogs cannot be based on home remedies. Do not ask yourself 'what can I give to him' and go urgently to your veterinarian, as it might be something serious.

Can a vaccinated dog get distemper?

Having a strengthened immune system, living happily, without stress and eating well, will help prevent not only distemper, but also the establishment in his body of the parvovirus, scabies and other unwanted guests. Remember that a healthy dog is a happy dog.

If despite taking all these precautions your dog has been infected with distemper, you have to know and understand that the mortality rate is very high. At this moment, your colleague plays with the odds. He will survive if he has been well nourished, if his defenses are healthy and if his immune system has experience fighting against it, thanks to vaccines. The duration of the illness depends a lot on all these factors, as his life expectancy does.

Canine distemper - Treatment at home

As with all viruses, there is no cure for them. The veterinarian will administer antibiotics to combat opportunistic infections that occur in his body, he will give the dog serum and vitamins so that he does not become dehydrated and will take care of him so that he recovers little by little. There are also no home remedies to fight distemper, and all that you can find online will only mitigate some of the symptoms in particular.

We hope it was clear that the only effective way to fight against distemper is the vaccination, which has to be renewed every year, a healthy diet, lots of love and always have our vets on hand to solve any doubts that may arise.