How to calm a cat's stomach? Use these home remedies


May 27

Posted by Barkibu editors

What to give a cat for stomachache is something that all PetLovers that live with one have to know. In this article, we will talk about the most common symptoms of a cat being sick of the stomach and also how to cure belly pain.

Iindigestion in your cat that makes he feel bad of the gut is relatively common. They are felines and predators, they tend to eat grass, or swallow their own hairballs. He may also feel bad about the food you give, because of parasites, or a serious illness. As there are almost as many reasons why you can get sick to your stomach as there are cats, make a personalized consultation with our online veterinarians to discover what the ideal home remedy for his case is.

Symptoms of a stomach sick cat

Before talking about home remedies, you have to know when your friend is sick from the belly. If he is in this situation he will stop eating and will not have an appetite. That will make him lose weight. If something has made him feel bad, he will have diarrhea. Cats, like dogs, vomit more than we do. This is because they recognize their environment by swallowing things or taking things to their mouths. Therefore, he will try to vomit what he has eaten and has hurt him.

Before trying to apply any treatment to try to cure the belly pain in a cat you have to identify if it is something serious. If your cat is bleeding from the anus and blood is seen in his stools, if he has a swollen belly, or if he vomits and has diarrhea at the same time, do not use any tricks and go see your veterinarian now.

The blood in the stool may warn of possible cancer or a wound in the intestinal walls. The swollen belly usually means that there are parasites lodged in it, which is quite common if we are talking about a cub without vaccinating or that he have picked it up in the street. If his stools are very liquid and he regurgitates without stopping, he can become dehydrated and die.

How can I settle my cat's stomach?

Now that we have ruled out the most common symptoms that we are facing a serious illness, we begin to talk about what home remedies we have to resort to treating this at home. If he does not have a serious problem, which should be determined by a veterinarian, the first thing you have to do is put your cat on a fast for an entire day.

Wait 24 hours and then continue to give him a very nutritious light diet. This does not mean that you should not let him drink; on the contrary, make sure he always has his drinker full of fresh water at hand. This advice works only if it is an adult cat, if it is a kitten do not let it be more than four hours without a bite.

Home remedies for cat vomiting

This time will serve to cleanse his belly and intestines. Once this timeframe has elapsed, and when you make him go back to eat, choose only high-quality food. Half of the problems and intestinal pain that a cat suffers is due to eating bad and cheap feed. This is the time to decide to invest in his health.

Anyway, do not change his food abruptly, gradually incorporating the new diet until it is the only one in his daily life. This is also a good time for you to decide to serve him, once a week, a natural dish cooked by you. A bit of well-cooked and warm chicken, for example, will encourage him to eat again and in a healthy and nutritious way.

Remember that whenever you want to cook for your cat it is important that you first check with our dietitians what to give, so he will get it right without causing more stomach aches.

My cat is stomach sick because of hairballs

In addition to his food, another common stomach problem in cats is hairballs. Surely you've noticed that your cat does not stop licking himself as a hygiene measure. To avoid getting balls in the stomach, you should not stop him from doing it, but brush him frequently so that when he passes his tongue at his fur, he takes the least amount of hair possible.

If you follow our advice, your cat will recover a bit after each day. Anyway, if he does not improve, go to your veterinarian. A stomach problem can hide a serious illness. In fact, we recommend that before applying any treatment on your own, dismiss any serious issues.