How to cure anemia in dogs - Things to do and recovery

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Anemia in dogs is more common of a problem than you may think. There are several ways to detect it. The first sign of alert is when you see your dog more tired than usual, exhausted and unwilling to do anything. Some furry, although they have anemia, make huge effort to perform physical activity. If they put a lot of effort into performing some simple task and end up exhausted, they may have anemia.

After noticing this change in his character, check his gums. Are they whitish? Then it is very possible that he contracted it. In these cases, it is always best to open a consultation in Barkibu with one of our online veterinarians and get a personalized treatment for your friend, but there are certain types of anemia that can be mitigated with home remedies after the proper diagnosis.

What is anemia in dogs and how is it produced?

Before indicating what they are, you have to understand what anemia means in dogs and how it takes place, to know how to act. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body through the blood, this oxygen is what the muscles and organs need to be able to perform actions. Anemia causes your dog to have fewer red blood cells in his blood, which causes it to have all the symptoms we have mentioned.

Anemia occurs mainly for two reasons: for a lack of blood or because that blood does not contain all the red blood cells it should have. The second is the more serious of the two, the so-called hemolytic anemia. Fearing that it is the one which your dog might be suffering from, we recommend you go to a veterinarian.

Things to do for dog with anemia

That does not mean that the anemia caused by the first cause is less worrisome because it can alert you of a tumor, an ulcer, an internal hemorrhage or caused by having his body full of parasites that suck his blood.

In case the anemia is caused by a loss of blood you will know it because his stools will be very dark. The reason is that they will be full of dried blood. If this is very serious you will know it because his pulse is very fast.

Home remedies for anemia in dogs

The home remedies only serve for cases in which your dog is recovering from anemia or when you want to prevent it. Do not try to use them for hemolytic anemia or if he is losing blood just at that moment, obviously; when to use them then? When he is fighting it, after losing a lot of blood, or by means of prevention.

The home remedies for anemia in dogs go through adding vitamin B and group C supplements to his diet, since they facilitate the synthesis of iron in his body. Obviously, we will have to incorporate foods rich in this mineral into his diet. Ask your veterinarian for advice on what to give him to eat, but we recommend that you try the cherry pepper, because it has a high concentration of vitamin C and beta carotene.

Dogs can also eat spinach, cabbage, and cauliflower. Go testing with several of these vegetables, adding chunks of them to his food. In order to receive more vitamin C it is convenient that you take him out for a walk whenever the sun is shining, because its rays are great for his body to take better advantage of this vitamin.

What food with vitamins from group B can I give for my dog?

Dogs can eat bananas, but in moderation. All fruit contains fructose, which is sugar, so give them only once a week. Apply the same advice for melon and potato. Fish like mackerel also have a lot of vitamin B, but if you add it to his diet make sure it does not have a single spine.

Better iron foods for anemia in your dog

The proteins of the meat and those that usually contain the specific food for him are ideal to overcome his anemia. Combine his normal diet with liver, lamb, beef and even some sardine, but, again, only if you are able to remove all the spines.

These home remedies will prevent the appearance of some types of anemia, help him recover and also have more strength in his daily life. Remember that all the natural or homemade food you give to your dog has to be checked by your veterinarian. Not all the foods that serve to recover a human from anemia are ideal for him. If you have any doubt, consult with our online veterinarians. Contact us for more information.