How to cure diarrhea in 2 weeks old puppies - Treatment and home remedy


Apr 2

Posted by Barkibu editors

Did you just adopt a 1 week puppy and he has yellow diarrhea? As a good first-time caregiver, I'm sure you've been very nervous to see his liquid stools, but calm down; it is very common for a puppy to suffer it when he arrives at his new home.

In this article about diarrhea in 8 week puppies or less, we will talk about the causes, when to worry and when not, and how to act. As an initial tip, remember to always be very calm. Puppies are very sensitive and empathic, if you are calm, it helps them to be calm too.

Why does my puppy have diarrhea and does not want to eat?

A newborn puppy suffers from a lot of stress, so it is frequent that it manifests itself with diarrhea. Put yourself in his place. A puppy is born from a mother and as part of a litter from which he is separated from; he changes home a lot of times and his feeding changes too. The puppy that now lives with you has had many diets that have varied in a very short time... And, in the worst cases, he has also suffered from abuse.

Dogs have a hard time with sudden changes, so imagine what a puppy will feel when he still is not able to properly manage his emotions. Now that we know the causes of psychological origin, let's see how to alleviate them.

My DOG POOPED BLOOD and mucus. Dog blood in stool jelly like

Does your dog's poop have red blood, with a bit of mucus or vomit? If your dog's poop looks like jelly, something serious might be happening, especially if we are talking about diarrhea with blood.

Provide care for the stressed puppy you just adopted

The first one: be comprehensive. If your puppy has diarrhea as soon as he arrives at your home, you need to give him time to adjust to his new space, talk to him sweetly and pamper him when he needs it. You have to take care of his diet and give him the most suitable one for him, of quality and without stuffing him full, because his stomach will be delicate. In case diarrhea persists throughout the day, it is better to let his stomach rest, regulating his diet until he gets used to his new home.

This applies also to the water. Make sure you have it always available for him and that it is fresh and clean. The biggest risk of having diarrhea is dehydration, do not let that happen, allowing him to drink whenever he needs it. Even if you follow these two tips, it is possible that your puppy may have difficulty returning to normal, so be patient. However, if diarrhea does not disappear, get in touch with a veterinarian because the cause may not be anxiety.

Another recommendation is that, whenever you can, gather information from the past that your puppy had before reaching your hands. That will help you make a nicer transition between what he ate before and what you will give to him now, between how he slept, his customs, etc. and how he will live by your side.

Symptoms that your puppy's diarrhea is severe

Although in most cases this diarrhea is caused by stress, there are a number of signs that you have to be aware of to know that you are facing a serious problem. You will become accustomed as you become an expert PetLover, but it is essential that you check his stools regularly.

Diarrhea of a stressed dog combines liquid parts with soft, but if he is suffering from giardiasis, generally, it will be fundamentally watery. Another clue that his poop will give you about his condition is its smell. Yes, dog droppings smell bad, but if the smell is especially nauseating it is a reason to suspect that your puppy is suffering from illness.

2 Days old puppy with diarrhea, what can I do?

Examine his abdomen, is it hard or swollen? That and finding blood or worm remains in his droppings will suggest that he is suffering from a parasitic infestation.

If this is your case, you have to leave your query to one of our online veterinarians and not medicate him following some internet advice. You have to know what parasite he has, what is the scale of the attack, and how it is affecting him; also his weight and his conditions. We repeat: never give medications to a puppy or an adult following an internet post.

A little blood in his stools does not always indicate parasites, it can also mean that he has an ulcer, some internal wound or hemorrhage. You already know what you have to do: go see the veterinarian right now.

My puppy has diarrhea and vomiting for more than a day

If diarrhea persists for a day and a half, there is a problem. There are two diseases that are lethal in puppies: parvovirus and distemper. The way to control them is by vaccination, but what happens if he already is infected when he gets home? From two days on, a puppy with diarrhea may die of dehydration, even earlier than that if he also vomits.

Maybe he has a disease but it is not as fatal as the ones we have indicated. Certain infections can cause diarrhea. This diagnosis will be clearer if he has a fever. If the diarrhea is not for any of these reasons and you see that he has retching but cannot vomit, he may have swallowed something and it got stuck inside his trachea.

This article is for guidance only, we recommend all first time PetLovers that if your puppy has diarrhea take him to the vet. You can also ask our online veterinarians if the diarrhea is intermittent and has not lasted for almost two days. If 48 hours have passed and your puppy is still feeling bad, go to your trusted veterinarian.