How to get my dog to stop barking when someone is at the door

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Why does my dog bark when someone comes to the door? How to get my dog to stop barking when someone is at the door? Does your dog barks when he hears the neighbors, when someone comes to your home, when going out on the street or when the bell rings? Dogs are animals who worship the routine, that adapt to it and learn to react to everything that happens in one way or another. Add that to the fact that they want you, that they do not support the loud noises and that they would do anything to protect you.

If we take all this we have just said, it will be easier to understand why he barks without stopping when someone knocks on the door: He hears a noise that occurs with assiduity, he knows that someone comes and know it can be dangerous for you, so he barks. In this article, we are going to show you how to get your dog to not bark when the doorbell rings, but you have to be armed of patience, it is a process that takes a long time.

To help you get it faster, we recommend that you consult our online ethologists. Carefully explain your case to them to receive a response and a solution adapted to your case.

My dog barks at everything, what do i do?

Your first impulse when a dog barks a lot is to yell at him, having an emotional response in order that this will encourage him to stop. This is what is called negative or violent reinforcement, and the only thing that you will achieve is generate greater stress or anxiety. Whenever you want to educate him or change something from his behavior, you have to do it with prizes and affection when he does something well, not when he does bad things, or he will get sad.

That is to say, what we have to achieve is that the relation of the bell and the arrival of someone potentially dangerous should not happen, rewarding him positively when he stops barking. The first thing you need to do is to try to find out the hours that most of the bell rings occurs. Your dog will be instinctively ready to react the minute your partner is going to ring the door to enter the house.

How to stop dog barking at neighbours

Instead of using the ringer, recourse to a missed call, so that you open the door without any noise. Every time someone arrives, go to your dog and calm him with rewards and affection so that they understand that it is good that he does not have an aggressive behavior at that particular time, and that people can arrive at home without the intermediation of the ringer.

Once you break the routine, open the door to your home and make the bell ring. So he must see that there is no one on the other side. Thus, little by little, he will begin to understand that the sound does not mean the arrival of someone new. Therefore, whenever he stays quiet and does not bark, give him something rich, if he responds abruptly, don't do anything, do not reinforce it, just like when a child cries and you don't want to teach him that he can get your attention with their cries.

How to stop dog barking when left alone

The same process can be extrapolated to the barking of a dog that occurs if he hears the neighbors or when he is out on the street. In the first case, you have to try to show him everything is normal before the voices of your neighbors. If you are dissatisfied, hitting the walls so he stop barking, etc. Your dog will react the same.

For this situation, you have to make him understand that nothing out of normal is happening if your neighbors are shouting. Go to another room and put your dog next to the wall. Raises the voice and try to speak aloud, pretending to be your neighbor. Your dog will react, but will shut up when he realizes it is you doing that. Give him a prize when he no longer behaves like that. If he doesn't know if the noise is yours or from another person, little by little he will lose the urge to protest.

My dog barks when I get home

The summary of this article is that you make him understand the stimulus that makes him bark in the way that he familiarizes with it and stop barking, reward him when he no longer does so and repeat, repeat and repeat. Anyway, we know that saying is much easier than doing it, that is why we invite you to leave your query to our online veterinarians for more information.

This is the trick that worked for us after insisting a lot with her, but depending on your situation, you are sure to find a way to stop the bad behavior.

Borja Ros Villanueva, veterinary ethologist at Adetcan.
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