How to Give Your Pet Medication Without a Fuss

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Sometimes giving your pet his or her meditation is almost impossible... especially with cats. These are some tips you can try if you need them to take a pill.

How Can I Make My Dog Take His Pills?

It depends on his/her abilities, but these are some common tricks you can try:

  1. Hide the pill inside a sausage, some cheese, or apple, for example. Be careful! Some dogs "select" what they want to eat. There are some products already intended for this purpose.

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  1. Put the pill into the back of his mouth, always careful not to harm him. Then you can offer him some water or food so he will have to swallow.

3. There is some medication already formulated for dogs, so they have a more attractive smell or flavor.

  1. Crush the pill and mix it with some food. You will only be able to do it with some medication, so ask your vet first. You can also mix it with some water and use a syringe (without the needle!). Try to put it in the back of his mouth, behind the tooth.

What Is The Best Way to Give a Pill to a Cat?

You can use some of the same tactics than for dogs.

  1. *Hide the pill with some food. *

  2. Put the pill into the back of his mouth. To do so, wrap the cat with a towel, this way he won't be able to scratch you and you won't make him any harm while trying to hold him. It's better if someone else can help you. While one person holds the cats and tries to relax him, the other open his mouth and put the pill into the back.

  3. If there is a "cat version" of the medication, try it. They are usually like a cream.

  4. Crush the pill and mix it with food. Again, ask your vet first, this is not possible with all medications. Mix the crushed pill with some food and make sure the cat is hungry. You can also use a syringe, just like we explain before, mixing the pill with some water or tuna oil. One last tip. Mix the crashed pill with some Malt Paste and put it on his paw, he will lick the whole thing!

Not all cats and dogs are the same. Some will hace the medication easily, or just with some food. Start simple, and if doesn't work try different methods. Ask your vet if you are having problems.