How to prevent gastritis in dogs - Symptoms and how to recover


Jun 25

Posted by Barkibu editors

Gastritis in dogs is very frightening to the novice Petlover, who are looking for desperate medicines and home remedies to control it. However, it is a disease that usually heals itself within a period of about three days. Does that mean we should not do anything to treat it? Quite the contrary. Before the first symptoms of gastritis, we must maintain calm, provide our dog with all the water he needs, start a fast that lasts one to two days, and control his condition.

However, and taking into account that the symptoms of gastritis can be confused with worse diseases, it is best that before starting fastening or trying to use home remedies, ask your question to our online veterinarians and visit your specialist. Vomiting, diarrhea, apathy or lack of appetite are not always signs of gastritis in dogs.

Home treatment for gastritis in dogs

Mild gastritis can present with a picture of apathy, lack of appetite, and occasional vomiting. As you get to know your furry friend, you will know how to differentiate when something has gone wrong, whether it is gastritis, or it is a more serious illness. Dogs do not explore their surroundings with sight as we do. They use the taste. If he has eaten something unusual that has made him feel bad or irritated by poor quality food, gastritis may occur.

In that case, the first thing he will do is throwing up. In the same way that dogs easily bring things to their mouth to explore, it is also very common for them to swallow them. This will last a couple of days, he will be sad, he will retch, and he will not feel like eating anything. In this situation, do not try to give any home remedy, what you have to do is to make him fast, use probiotics, and supply all the water he needs.

Do not try to use medicines for gastritis in dogs

If you see that gastritis lasts more than two days, worry, because it may not be gastritis and something worse, or he has chronic gastritis that has to check a veterinarian. Never resort to this solution if your dog is around two months old or if he is a senior dog, nor if he has never had gastritis before; much less if he is not vaccinated against diseases such as parvovirus.

Some caregivers make the mistake of trying to resort to human drugs used in dogs. They think that since gastritis looks like a stomach infection or symptoms of heartburn, they give their dogs a pill that has worked well for them. This is a very serious error. Really, with some fasting, water, and love, if it is gastritis, everything should go well.

When we need treatment for gastritis from a veterinarian

Depending on the intensity of gastritis, your dog may have vomiting with blood, diarrhea or sudden weight loss. You have to be careful if there is blood in his stools or if he vomits, because it might not be gastritis or, if it is, he runs the risk of dehydration. The veterinarian will apply the correct treatment, will teach you to detect the difference between a belly pain or something more serious, and will explain step by step how to care for your dog and how to feed him.

If gastritis happens for 2 or 3 days, possibly it is not gastritis and you will have to go running to the vet. The problem is that you have lost two crucial days. Many of the dogs’ diseases can only be cured if you go to the doctor quickly.

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How to prevent gastritis in dogs

The best, as always, is to prevent this ailment. There are three points to achieve this: an excellent diet with top quality food, plenty of clean and fresh water always at his fingertips, and teach him not to stick his snout in the trash. The main causes of gastritis are a prolonged intake of bad feed or having eaten garbage from the street. Get used to teaching him through positive reinforcement that he cannot lick the soil.

We recommend that you reward him with apple pieces, as it helps to settle the stomach. So he will learn to differentiate rich food from the one that does not suit him. We hope that this article has helped you to combat possible gastritis of your dog. Remember that, in addition to your trusted specialist, you can count on our online veterinarians to solve any doubts he may have about this or other issues. We take the health of your best friend very seriously.