How to stop rabbits chewing wires and everything?


Apr 2

Posted by Barkibu editors

Which is the best rabbit anti chew spray? Rabbits bite by nature, but you have to distinguish two types of bites: those that ruin clothes, furniture or cables and those that they do it to you.

We are going to give you a series of tips for them to stop biting you or the objects that you have at home, but there is a big difference: they bite things to hone their teeth because they are in continuous growth, but if the bites are directed at you, it is possible that it is because of the heat.

If rabbits bite me or my furniture, what can I do?

First of all keep in mind that learning by the bad is not an option, for any living being. So the only thing they will understand is that you are bad with them and that they have to fear you. Even if your rabbit gets on your nerves, even if he bites you in the legs or strips the wires, never hit him.

What happens if I let him bite what he wants?

The problem of not educating your rabbit or allowing him to bite is that he can gnaw the protection of a cable and get electrocuted. He does not know that the thing is dangerous for him, so he will nibble without stopping until he gets hurt.

So, it is better to lock him in their cage so he does not bite anything?

Quite the contrary. A rabbit, like any animal, needs to have a leisure time in which he is able to move freely and interact with you and all the members of your family. He has to feel part of your life and the place where you live, you cannot stop him from biting because it is part of who he is.

How can I prevent my rabbit from biting the wires?

Knowing that your rabbit needs to bite things to take care of his teeth and that you cannot lock him up and that you have to let him move freely from time to time, let's talk now about how to avoid electrocution. To achieve this you have to do two things, the first is to take all the wires from your house and raise them, sticking them to the wall.

You can do this with braces or tape, you can also prepare guides in the form of 'C' through which your cables will run, fixing them to the wall with some nails. Another option is to use additional plastic protections for these cables, your rabbits will gnaw them with their teeth as well, but it will take much longer and you can also put them out of reach.

How do I get my rabbit to not bite my furniture?

We insist, never resort to violence. Be patient and treat your rabbit always with lots of love.

To avoid having the legs of the table, the sofa or the chairs to be bitten, there are two fundamental techniques. The first is that each time he does it you say 'No' in a categorical way and you lock him in his cage for five minutes. This needs to be done instantaneously so that he associates the punishment with what he has just done wrong. Once a few minutes have passed, release him again and give him a caress.

The next thing you can do is take a sock and make a ball with it, choose those chubby ones you have for the winter. Every time you see him nibbling something he should not, throw the ball to him, but remember you do not want to hit him with the ball, just for it to land near him. The objective of this technique is for him to understand that the furniture itself reacts to the contact of his teeth; that the object does not like to be bitten. With a little luck, he will turn away from it.

And if none of that works, what can I do?

In case none of these methods make your rabbit stop biting everything, you'll have to prepare a large space for him to move. You can choose a room that you do not use or build a small circuit free of victims for his teeth. So that he is comfortable and he can exercise his bites you will have to buy toys for him to do so.

There are very nice toys that they love. You can even combine the technique of the "sock" and "saying no" with these toys, so that they understand that the only piece of furniture left to bite is that one you bought for them to do so.

Do not rule out the possibility of contacting an ethologist to help you with your rabbit's education.

My rabbit does not bite the furniture, it bites me!

Rabbits are not violent beings, they are docile and affectionate, but sometimes they may bite you or appear to be angry. If this is your case, contact our online veterinarians as it is possible that he/she needs to be neutered. Rabbits can become violent if their testosterone rises and they are not allowed to find a mate to reproduce. If you cannot accept the responsibility of having lots of bunnies, consider this solution.

We hope these tips have helped you. Do not let your rabbit get close to your clothes, because he will devour them and we do not recommend you to use a repellent so that he knows it is bad to put his mouth there and not to bite it, because it is a torture for them. The best way to prevent this from happening is to buy a nice toy for him to gnaw, pamper him, and control his play space so he does not hurt himself.

Remember that in case of electrocution or poisoning of your rabbit you can count on the online veterinarians of Barkibu, we are there for you ;).