My cat keeps meowing a lot for no reason, why does he yowl?

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Why is my cat yowling? Does your cat meow a lot at night or in the mornings? Does he spend the early morning making noises, or do you have a cat that is especially cuddly? Today we are going to explain to you the meaning of the meows of your furry, why he meows weirdly, or why he does it when he sees you.

Knowing what your cat wants with his meows is part of your responsibility as PetLover. Through these adorable little noises, your cat expresses different feelings or needs, so you have to be very attentive. Remember that you have our online ethologists. The feline behavior experts from Barkibu are at your side to solve all your doubts. Make your query.

My cat meows a lot at night and early in the morning

One of the main questions that novice caregivers of cats ask us is why their cat makes so much noise at night. The explanations are many, but you must always follow the same protocol. First, you have to examine his body for injuries. What you are looking for is wounds he made by a hit or a fall or that his body is hurt from illness.

If your cat meows because he has an injury, it will hurt to touch, so examine him well. You will suspect that his meowing is caused by illness if it occurs in conjunction with other symptoms. The most common are a sudden change in mood, weight loss, loss of appetite or of the hair's brightness, drowsiness, vomiting, or diarrhea.

My cat meows a lot in the mornings

To definitively rule out that he is meowing due to illness or injury, ask our online veterinarians. Tell us his symptoms, how long he has been meowing and other signs of discomfort. This being dismissed, another classic reason by which your cat meows weirdly at the mornings is by hunger or because he wants to eat another thing.

Cats are very exquisite and will not always accept what you put in the feeder. That is why we recommend that you choose quality food and that you incorporate it into his diet little by little. If you do it abruptly he can vomit or cause a belly ache. Sometimes a cat just meows in the morning by way of greeting.

My cat meows when he sees me

In addition to hunger or diseases, if your cat meows at the sight of you, it is because he wants you to pay attention to him, the question is what for. It is possible that he may want you to pay attention to him because he needs to be pampered. A cat will call for you if he misses you or if you have not played with him for a long time. That's why it's a good idea to get used to enjoying your time a little while each day.

Ideally, it should always be at the same time. The routine gives peace to animals, makes them feel safe, and manages to prevent the onset of stress. This is important because another of the great causes of why your colleague makes noises is anxiety.

My cat meows oddly, what happens to him?

Felines are independent animals, but that does not mean they do not need us. Many cats, when a new member arrives at home or having a sudden change in their life can get very nervous. Also, if you have a renovation, if you are going to take a trip with him or if you have to take him to the vets.

Whenever you can, introduce all these changes in his daily life little by little, without hurry. Obviously, you can not stop your life for him, but it is your responsibility to make it as pleasant as possible for him.

My cat meows a lot and is very cuddly

We arrived at the last of the most common cases, which is the increased meowing due to the heat. The female cats, if they are in heat, will meow more and be much more affectionate. If this is your case and these meows extend during the night until dawn, get in touch with our ethologists. Our specialists will recommend what to do and how to control the heat of your friend, and will also explain all the alternatives that there are for this case.

In summary, if your cat meows a lot, the normal thing is that he only wants to call your attention. First, you have to rule out that it is a disease, an injury, or stress. After that, try to play more with him, love him, and get him a good routine for his daily life. Little by little, you will eventually understand him and you will know the meaning of each and every one of his meows.