My cat suddenly hates me and won´t come near me anymore


Apr 16

Posted by Barkibu editors

Will ignoring my cat make him like me? It is said that cats are wild and lonely animals, but those of us who live with them know that this is not true. Sometimes they want to be alone all of a sudden, why?

They are very capable of giving love, affection, and companionship. They look for us when we enter the house, they surround our legs with their body so that we pick them up, and they jump onto our laps so that we can stroke their back. Yes, cats decide when they want to receive our love and how, but they like us to give it to them. So why does it suddenly seem that they stop loving us?

If your cat stops wanting to be with you, to touch your face, or to demand that you give love to him, do not think you have done something wrong, nor convince yourself thinking that it is normal for him to do it 'because he is a cat', 'because they are like that'. On the contrary, a sudden change of attitude in an animal has to be taken as a symptom. That is to say, if you notice that he does not love you anymore, something happens that indirectly affects your relationship.

My cat doesn´t like me anymore, what's wrong?

To get a diagnosis of what is really happening, make a query to our online veterinarians, but to give you the solution you are looking for, you must know what data you have to offer and also if you can solve it by yourself. In Barkibu, we have ethologists, professional behavior experts who will know how to advise you.

The first thing you have to understand is that your cat still loves you, but he is going through a time when he is not able to express his affection as he would like. The reasons are physical, psychological, or a mixture of both. Let’s start with the emotional ones.

My cat wants to be alone all of a sudden

Have there been changes in his life or yours? Do you spend less time with him? Do you give him less attention? Cats are animals with customs; they are leaders and owners of the place where they live. They get used to a daily routine, so if you are not there when he needs you, they get sad, feeling that they have lost something they once had.

This situation of helplessness or loneliness occurs more frequently than it seems. We get used to our cat being an independent and free creature, so much so that we stop listening because we have a lot of work or we meet someone new in our life.

If your cat realizes that you have changed the moments at his side for another situation, he will react and get away from you, getting angry, and showing that lack of affection that you have noticed. No, the love of your furry is not unconditional; you have to take care of him.

Will ignoring my cat make him like me?

This feeling can go further and make him succumb in depression. In this case, not only will he shy away, but he will also be aggressive, barely eat, and will spend half the day sleeping. This situation occurs if you continue to pay no attention to him.

Many caregivers spend a couple of years living alone with their cat and provide lots of attention with him, but suddenly they fall in love and start a life as a couple with another person. Your colleague will begin to feel lonely and will turn away from you.

After a few months, you will decide to move with that special person, which means a tremendous modification of his routine that can make he feel very sad, because he will not be able to assimilate all the changes that occur in his life. A feline needs to have control of his environment; if he does not have it, he will be nervous, defensive because he will feel that he is helpless, and alone.

Why won´t my cat cuddle with me anymore?

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My cat shuns me and is ill

Following this chain of cause and effect, if your furry is depressed, his immune system will suffer, because a cat that is not happy is not a healthy cat. Being sad means opening the door to viruses and bacteria. If this situation occurs it will not only appear that he does not love you, but also that he is suffering physically.

Analyze what we tell you in this article and tell us at what point is your relationship with your cat. In principle, we recommend that you do not shout or punish him if he is more aggressive than usual; that you try to recover your relationship with him gradually, little by little.

An excellent way is to cook for him rich and tasty homemade recipes designed for him. Try to be at his side every day a little while at the same time you try to build a new routine, taking advantage of the caressing that you will give him at this time to examine his health, his temperature, his gums, and mucous membranes.

If he is still depressed and sick, make a consultation with our online veterinarians to receive a more specific response, but remember that love is usually the best cure. Don't forget.