My dog doesn´t want to eat but acting normal, is he ok?


Nov 14

Posted by Barkibu editors

Do you want to feed a sick dog that won´t eat? When can you resort to home remedies for a dog to recover the appetite? When it has not spent two whole days without it has eaten. In the event that 48 hours have elapsed without it nibbling something, you have to take him to your vet.

There are two reasons why your dog may have stopped eating: psychological or physical. Your friend may have stopped eating because it is sad. Has there been a sudden change in its daily routine? Now you work more than before and it was cast aside without you realizing it? Any person who no longer is on your side?

This is not the first time that a dog gets depressed because someone breaks with a partner, we get sad and it gets worse and stops eating. Our furry friends are very empathetic and love us, they also suffer with us.

My dog isn´t eating but acting normal

In addition for emotional reasons, your dog may have lost the appetite because it feels bad, because it has indigestion, because it has parasites or diseases. Stop eating is one of the typical symptoms of a disease in a dog, along with depression, hiccups, sleeping more than normal, discomfort when walking, etc.

But it is not always because it feels bad that it stops eating. Sometimes something it ate made him feel bad, so it decided to reduce food intake to recover.

Knowing this, the advice we give below is to be used if your dog does not feel psychologically well or has lost its appetite for a less serious cause. Again, we insist, if it still won't eat after two days you have to go and ask one of our online veterinarians.

Why is my dog not eating his food anymore?

What do dogs like to eat? What do they prefer? What they hate is the food of poor quality. Your furry may have stopped eating for being fed up of that dry feeding you buy at the market. Change it. If your dog stops eating, combine its dry food with moist recipes, the ones that come in cans.

Your friend will love to taste them, because this food is much more fragrant and tasty. The smell sense of the dogs is excellent and very demanding, so, to recover the desire to eat, we have to pamper their noses with tasty dishes. Another trick is to put a bit of hot water on its traditional food or heat it. Warm things smell more, which will help to whet its appetite.

My puppy won´t eat but will drink water

It is so important for it to smell something it likes that some puppies stop eating because they have their nose cluttered with snot. In these cases you will have to use a washcloth soaked with warm water and wipe the excess of mucus it might have. The hot food will also help it to have its nose uncluttered.

In addition to a better feeding, hot food and dishes with sauces or more juicy recipes, you can try to give them human food. We advise you to try with lean meat such as turkey or chicken. If it has stopped eating because its belly hurts and it even has vomited some foam, a little bit of turkey, carrots or squash will appease it well. You can warm it up a little bit to help remove the mucus it has, if any.

What to feed a sick dog that won´t eat?

You must be very careful about this. The dogs love routine; they need it in their life, so much that they get depressed when facing changes. For that not to happen and they not to lose their appetite, all you have to do is create a new routine starting today. Combine on a regular basis a quality dry feeding, canned food, chicken and human food, special homemade recipes for dogs that you can prepare yourself.

Combine this new diet with a greater dose of physical exercise. Dogs are like people: if they have spent a lot of energy, they will eat more and better. Many PetLovers, suddenly, have to work more, stopping to play with their furry, which in their part become sad, do fewer exercises and eat less.

By not having time for them, their owners don't worry that much with their food, so they resort to ill feeding and then bad things happen. Be careful, most of the cases of lack of appetite in dogs are because of this chain of events, which only you can prevent.

Whether the reasons why your dog has stopped eating are mild or serious, consult with our online veterinarians without compromise. We want to help you and give advice, making your relationship with your doggie one that both deserve.