My dog has bloody diarrhea and fever, what happens?

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Has your dog bloody diarrhea but acting normal? Bloody or black diarrhea is one of the most dangerous types of diarrhea in dogs. It is most often seen in older dogs and in puppies and is caused by the presence of blood in the stool. That is why if your furry friend is making poop on this color, abandon the home remedies and go urgently to the specialist

If it is only slightly darkened, contact our online veterinarians. We will help you identify what is the reason for this color change. However, if we are talking about diarrhea with a fever or an explosive kind of diarrhea, stop reading this at once, get your furry to the car and get on the way to be seen by an expert.

My dog has bloody diarrhea, what can I give him?

We repeat it again: there is nothing you can give to your friend nor is there any home remedy to correct the color of his stools. If he makes black poop it is because there are traces of blood in his digestive system, which is a serious problem. In this article, we gather the most common causes why this happens to him.

Dog with fever and diarrhea due to a gastric ulcer

Gastric or stomach ulcers are usually caused by gastritis, which is a very serious irritation in the gastric mucosa for them. Before the black diarrhea arrives, your dog will be weak, bad-tempered, will not want to eat and will complain of a pain in his belly. To prevent this from happening you have to take good care of your furry food, choose the best quality food and make sure he always has fresh water near him.

If you notice that he has discomfort and vomited a little, it is recommended that he fasts to help him heal his intestinal flora, returning to eat little by little. However, if he already poops in a very dark color it means that it is already late and that he may have an ulcer. This can only be treated and diagnosed by a veterinarian.

A bowel obstruction can cause your dog to have very dark diarrhea

You have to be very careful with where your dog snouts when you go for a walk with him. That is why we recommend that when you walk together you leave your mobile in your pocket. That way you can pay more attention to him and pull him away from garbage containers, bushes or glass or bones that can be found on the floor. Yes, you have to get him away from them.

The rookie PetLovers do not know this: we cannot let our furry gnaw leftover meat or bones from the ground. The reason is that they can release splinters that end up in his intestines, causing a wound. In the worst case, it is possible that the whole bone is swallowed and gets stuck. The result is always the same: pain and blood in their excrement.

Explosive, black and mucous diarrhea in dogs because of cancer

Gastritis, intestinal obstruction or an ulcer can be cured if you intervene quickly and go to the appropriate specialist. However, if you resort to home remedies you could make his situation worse. There are many cases of PetLovers that search the internet for why their dogs have bloody diarrhea, reading in a forum that is because of belly pain. With that answer, they make their dogs fast but they do not improve, why?

The reason is that dark diarrhea is not always due to gastritis, it does not always originate from mild gastrointestinal pain. Sometimes, it is the way to detect that your dog has cancer. If this is the real explanation, you cannot lose a second, because the sooner it is diagnosed, the more chances there will be that it will not develop further.

We hope this article has helped you identify the reasons why your dog is doing this type of excrement. The best way to prevent this problem is to give him a lot of affection, to offer him a varied, rich and balanced diet and to be always aware of him, so that he never brings to his mouth what he should not.

We know that although you put all your efforts, preventing your dog from getting cancer is impossible, but you can prevent its appearance if he eats well and is happy, because that will lift his spirits and make his body have the necessary nutrients and vitamins to fight against any invader.