My dog has hiccups very often after eating, why?

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Like humans, dogs can have hiccups often and vomiting or coughing. In particular, they are usually contracted by the furry of small breeds, such as chihuahua, especially when they are puppies. Today we are going to tell you what are the causes of your dog having hiccups and how to prevent them, we are also going to give you a little trick and recommendations to get rid of it without causing fright or stress.

These involuntary breaths do not have to worry you unless they last for several days, in which case we recommend that you make a consultation with our online veterinarians. If your dog swallowing a lot at night, read this.

My dog keeps hiccuping and swallowing

The reasons why your dog has hiccups are the same as those for which you get them. The diaphragm reacts through a series of spasms that produce very sympathetic sounds. This reaction forces the lungs to expel air, precisely because the cause of it is swallowing more air abruptly.

Anyway, although we may find it funny to see our friend with hiccups and give small jumps to do so, he may not find it so nice. The dogs that usually have more hiccups are the puppies, having it can scare them the first time, so be caring, analyze the cause that has provoked it and take measures to correct it.

My dog keeps swallowing like something is stuck in her throat

If you are a new caregiver you may not know it yet, but the furry ones do not take the changes well, they are very empathetic, sensitive and suffer when you suffer. A sudden trip, the disappearance of a loved one, lack of attention, an alteration of their diet and, above all, that they fear someone, generates stress, which sometimes affects their breathing.

If your friend suffers from anxiety that manifests through hiccups, you have a problem. His diaphragm will stop reacting abnormally after a few hours, but what you have to worry about is what causes the stress and correct it. Has he spent time unattended, you took him out for a walk less often than before; don't you give him all the love he deserves? There are dogs that are especially nervous and will force you to give them more attention than normal.

My dog is making a hiccuping sound, why?

One of your duties as a caretaker of your new friend is to watch what food he puts in his mouth and how he does it. The normal thing is that, depending on his weight and age, he leaves a certain amount of food in the bowl. Some dogs are able to ration the food and eat it little by little, but the normal thing is that you have to educate him.

If your friend swallows the food as if there was no tomorrow, he will also ingest a tremendous amount of air that will end up lodged in his stomach. When he begins to process what has gotten into the body, the gas will come out, affecting the diaphragm and causing hiccups to appear. So if it happens every time he just ate, you know what your task is: to help him eat well.

What you have to do is not give him the whole of the food at once, but distribute it in doses. Serve a little in the morning, give another serving an hour later and yet another a little later. Repeat for a couple of weeks until he gets used to eating little by little, you will see how the hiccups disappear.

Your dog's hiccups may be due to gastric problems

In some cases, that extra gas in his stomach is due to another reason than eating fast. If you have taught him to eat slowly and still the hiccups persist, you will have to take him to a veterinarian to analyze his stomach. If we are talking about a puppy, these stomach problems are relatively normal, because he is still growing.

Therefore, the general rule with hiccups is that you should not worry if it lasts for a few hours, only if it lasts for a day or two, because it can be symptomatic of a stomach problem. If your dog always has hiccups and it does not go away, go to a specialist.

How to get rid of your dog's hiccups

You will probably read somewhere that the best thing for your furry to stop having hiccups is to give him a fright, let him drink with his head on his side or feed him even if he does not feel like it. Do not do any of that, especially when it comes to surprising him because you could stress him unnecessarily. The best thing you can do is take him out for a long walk, give him lots of attention and have a fun afternoon of games together. That way it will go away.

In short, that a dog has hiccups it is not a problem; it will tell you that you have to help him reduce stress or help him eat better. If it persists, ask our online veterinarians.