My dog has parvovirus, how to treat it? Which are the stages of parvo?


Sep 20

Posted by Barkibu editors

The parvovirus is one of the worst diseases that your dog can suffer, especially if he is a puppy. In many cases it causes sudden death, so, because it is that terrible, therefore it requires your full attention towards the animal's state of health. In this article we'll tell you how to save your furry friend from the first symptoms, what to do and what not to do if you want to save his life (Spoiler alert: Do not use home remedies against parvovirus and go see your vet).

How to beat parvo?

The first thing you need to do to treat it and cure your friend is to quickly react to the presence of the slightest symptom. The parvovirus infection is a disease caused by a virus, which means that there is no antibiotic that you can use to eliminate it. These medications are used only to eliminate bacteria.

To eliminate a virus from the body, it is necessary to treat the patient as soon as possible, analyze the symptoms and combat them one by one, taking care of dog’s immune system, giving him enough strength and energy to fight, and expel the virus definitively. That is to say, your quick reaction is fundamental for the symptoms to not evolve and have drastic consequences on dog’s health.

What are the first signs of parvo in a dog?

The parvovirus shows multiple signs, so it is very difficult for an owner to understand what the animal is suffering from, or if it is a different thing from parvovirus. The most common symptoms are vomiting in the form of foam accompanied by nausea, wheezing and diarrhea with blood of foul odor. This disease also makes the animal prostrates and is often accompanied by fever.

Because of the vomiting and diarrhea, the dog get dehydrated, which can finish him. This is not to say that, if your dog vomits a little or has a little something of diarrhea, that he has parvovirus. If you detect one of these symptoms alone, post a question to o__ur online veterinarians__ to rule out this terrible ailment. However, if the stool is bloody, your dog has fever and also vomits, do not waste your time and go to the veterinarian at once.

What to give a dog with parvo? Does garlic cures the parvovirus?

In some cases, your veterinarian will give you a treatment that can be used at home, but he will never tell you to resort in home remedies such as garlic or other alleged miraculous foods that would heal parvovirus, according to the internet. Especially if your dog is a puppy, the only effective treatment against parvovirus is the one that your veterinarian will prescribe you.

Like we said, there are no antibiotics or an immediate remedy that manages to remove the parvovirus. The first thing the veterinarian will do is to check and assess the damage your dog has suffered and the pernicious effects of your case. A common situation is that, because of diarrhea and vomiting, your dog may be missing liquids, so it will be necessary to give him saline solutions with urgency.

Don´t trust home remedies for parvo in puppies, go to the vet

This process can't be done at your home. Sometimes, the parvovirus causes damage to the kidney or heart, so that if not treated properly, and in the right way, it can cause irreversible damage or kill your dog. It is also crucial to give him the exact amount of saline solution depending on his weight, age and the degree of evolution of the disease.

Alternatively, your veterinarian can diagnose that it is necessary to administer other medicines, always with the intention of getting his body to acquire the strength he needs to fight the virus and expel it as soon as possible.

How to save a puppy from parvo

In addition to what the veterinarian did, you also have a role to play. The best way to beat the parvovirus infection is in strict compliance with the program of vaccines that will be determined by your vet. It is your responsibility to make sure all the vaccines are up to date. Anyway, remember that we are talking about a virus that can mutate every year, so although the animal was vaccinated, you can't let your guard down. In this, it is very similar to distemper.

The parvovirus is prevented and fought with the help of saline solutions, medicines, vaccines and also with good nutrition and hygiene. Both to prevent it and to make your dog strong against it, you have to have his area for playing, his eating and drinking bowls and other places all perfectly clean, above all the place where he eats.

Avoid walking your dog in areas or neighborhoods that you don't know or that appear to be dirty or with garbage, try to get to know the PetLovers in your area to be aware of whether there have been cases of parvovirus in it to avoid it, don't let the animal eat feces of other dogs and clean his bowls with water and food frequently. Add to that a good and varied food, a lot of affection for his happiness and keep our online veterinarians always at hand to solve doubts before the slightest symptom, and with it you will have the best prevention. As the last advice, remember that against parvovirus the rapid intervention is the best cure.