My dog is restless at night and is not sleeping. What can I give him to sleep?

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'What can I give my dog to sleep at night?' 'My dog won´t sleep through the night anymore'. Your dog may be restless as if he is nervous, shaky and it affects his sleep cycles. Dogs are very emphatic beings, so they suffer for us and can feel deep unhappiness in certain circumstances. Today we review the most common causes why your dog may be restless and nervous, as well as other reasons why he does not sleep and wakes up at night.

Anyway, to determine why your dog suddenly cries or pants a lot, it is best that you leave us a question detailing what happens to him. Our online veterinarians, depending on his race, weight, age and the clues you give us, will tell you what to do so that he stops being so restless and goes back to sleep well.

How to calm a restless dog at night

The two most common reasons why your dog does not sleep are because he has a digestion problem or he is not tired. Solving this is easy. If you see that your friend still has the energy left over after the long day, you will have to take him for more hours out at the street, play and enjoy at his side. This is why it is important that you know the energy needs of each race well before adopting a dog, since you have to satisfy them so that they can rest well day after day.

In addition to tiring him so he is not restless, you also have to feed him quality food, rich in nutrients, without preservatives and of easy digestion. Choosing a tasty diet and feeding him more than an hour and a half before going to sleep, he will not spend the night awake circling your bed.

My older dog is restless at night

The third reason why your dog is very restless and it seems he does not sleep well is because of a change in his sleep rhythm because of his age. When the furry ones turn ten years they spend more time dozing when it is day. This has consequences when the night comes: he will sleep less, obviously.

You will have to have patience. When a dog is in his last years of life, he needs a lot of love, affection, and tenderness. Of course, even if they are old dogs, you have to keep forcing them to exercise. Moderate your enthusiasm with him if he has arthritis or another problem that reduces his movement, but although you see that he needs to sleep more, force him to go exercise. That way he will sleep better and live longer.

My dog won´t sleep through the night anymore

Besides his diet, lack of exercise or age, your dog can be very nervous, not sleep and cry because of two factors: psychological or physical. A doggie gets alert and scared relatively easy. His ear is much more sensitive than ours, so loud noises like those of firecrackers or loud music can make him hysterical and scared.

Not taking care of him, not paying attention to him, neglecting him or even being sad towards him can change his behavior. You have to realize that dogs tend to think that they have failed you, that you are sad because of them, etc. if you see that he is getting sadder and sadder little by little, you will have to dedicate time to him so he can smile again.

Dogs adopt strange behaviors that will show you that they are having a psychological problem. Some furry ones chase their tail, others bite the wall, and other dogs inflict wounds on their legs. If you see that he adopts any of these attitudes, get in touch with our online canine behavior experts.

What can I give my dog to sleep at night?

The other reason is the physical one. There are diseases that cause him a lot of pain or discomfort. From atopic dermatitis to parvovirus, there are many pathologies or diseases that will prevent him from sleeping well. The most frequent are those that are related to his digestive system. In many of them, you can be the one to alleviate this pain, but it is important that whenever you go to resort to home remedies to alleviate his discomfort and help him fall asleep, confirm with our online vets that it is not a worse disease.

In short, a dog can be so restless that he does not sleep because of eating before going to bed, for not doing enough sports, because of old age, loud noises, being sad or being sick or suffering from a wound. The best thing you can do is to check his body and explain his symptoms to our online vets.