My dog seems sad or depressed and does not eat, what should I do?

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How to cheer up a depressed dog? Dogs are very sensitive living beings. Spending much time at our side for so many generations have developed in them a deep sense of empathy, their emotions have accentuated and made them more prone to mood swings. Your dog may feel sad for many reasons and to express that it almost like a human being would. The way in which he usually demonstrates he is depressed with greater frequency is by not eating.

That is to say, that if you see he has lost the appetite, eat less or not at all, there are two possibilities: that he is sad or sick. Let's talk about the first option, why would your dog be sad?

My dog seems sad and tired

If you just adopted your friend recently and he was a victim of ill-treatment before arriving at your home, he will still be sad, it is logical. While he recovers from that, he will walk with a darkened face and with his tail low, he will not eat and it will take you some time to recover his mood and make him get used to you. In the dog refuge, they will inform you of how they rescued him and how to proceed if this is your case.

Another very common reason why your dog is sad and does not eat is that he misses someone. If a person of your environment with which he had a good relationship is no longer there, he will yearn that person. It does not necessarily have to be a death, also if your child goes to college, your partner leaves home because you break with her, him. In this case, you will need to spend more time next to your doggie, play more with him, take him out to walk more and show that he has reasons to be happy and cheerful.

My dog is depressed, what should I do?

If your dog sees that you're sad he will be too and won't eat. Since we are talking about breaks, if you have a very strong link with your furry and you're the one that gets depressed, your dog will also be very sad. As we said at the beginning of this article, the dogs have developed their empathy toward those whom they love. Remember that staying in this state of mind for a long time is not healthy for your friend, so cheer up for both of you, smile again and enjoy his company so both can recover too.

There are other factors that your dog can get sad and stop eating that are not as 'transcendental'. A change in their exercise or food routines, give him feeding of poor quality and that he doesn't like it, living in a warm environment or that has been raining all week, a move or your work suddenly taking more of your time. All that can also make him sad.

My dog is hiding and acting strange

That is to say, great care must be taken with the small details so your dog does not go down. If you look closely, we said that it is important not to change the routine of his walks or his food supply. The reason why we point this out is that they are things you need to do using your head and reason, leaving it clear that, if you really want to accommodate a puppy in your life, you need to be able to pay attention steadily and constantly.

Is my dog depressed or lazy? What can I do?

If there has not been a drastic change in his life, if their diet has not been altered and nothing in his life or environment was changed, he may be sick. As it happens to humans, dogs also change character, stop eating and get depressed. If, after buying him a better feeding, or try to cheer him up and he remains the same, please contact our online veterinarians so that we can determine what happens and give you a solution.

If he has diarrhea, in addition to being sad and not eating, make your inquiry as soon as possible, because he might have a very dangerous disease called parvovirus. But this is the worst case; in general, with a little bit of affection and extra pampering, he will smile again.