My dog stinks no matter what I do! What can I do?

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Does your dog smells like death or sour? Not only do you have to resort to the dry bath or the usual home remedy called vinegar to remove the smell of your friend. To remove the bad smell of your dog there are several tips that you can follow every day, and that we will talk about today.

Remember that, sometimes, a bad smell can be a symptom of a disease, so first rule out scabies before going ahead with what we tell you here.

As the way to remove the bad smell of a dog can depend on your race and age, contact our online veterinarians to receive personalized advice for your friend.

My dog smells bad all the time

This article goes on how to clean a dog without putting him in the bathtub because that is not something natural for them. The furry do not usually like to be washed, conventional soaps dry their skin and, in fact, we wash them so they do not bother us at home because of their smell. That is, you have to reduce the baths to the minimum necessary and, instead, adopt measures that are appropriate for them.

The best thing is to only wash a dog every one or two months depending on his breed and, if you can, only if it gets a lot of mud or dirt on him. This is the best for his skin. When you want to wash him with water, you have to do it with products and shampoos designed for him if you do not want to cause dermatitis or worse, induce skin disease.

My dog stinks 2 days after bath

There are two tips that you have to follow so that the furry ones smell good: daily brushing and a perfect feeding. The first mistake that novice caregivers make is to feed their friends with bad dog feeding from the market. This makes his sweat, his body, his pee, and his stools smell worse.

Good feed, quality wet foods in cans, and all that accompanied by homemade recipes prepared by you, will help him to have a strong immune system. Choose always very nutritious feeds, adapted to his age and his weight. Feed him only as many times as he needs and you'll see how his smell will improve little by little.

Bad smell in old dogs because of food

As for the homemade recipes that we mentioned, and in general, ask our online dietitians first, whenever you want to change his diet. It is important that you make the modification little by little, because if you do it abruptly you can cause some irritation in his stomach. This is especially important if we talk about old dogs.

In addition to having a good diet, always leave fresh water near available for him. The liquid will help him eat better, filter the nutrients better and improve the smell of his body.

Care for bad smell in dogs

In addition to adequate food, it is important that you always leave his house and his bed very clean. That will help him pick up odors. When you go out with him for a walk, avoid him to get into dirty areas or areas with rubbish.

It is key that you watch where your dog gets when he runs free. Do not forget that in the muck and in the feces of other dogs there are the viruses of coronavirus and parvovirus, among others. So it's not just a problem that he could smell bad, it's also a health issue.

With a good daily food intake and taking care of his hygiene, what else is there to do? A good daily brushing. It is not good for dogs to bathe them, but we can sit next to them and, with an appropriate brush, comb them several times throughout their body, leaving them dry clean. This removes impurities, debris and allows his hair to breathe.

It's good that you take this as a routine. It is not only important that you do it to clean his hair, remove mites and remove the bad smell; it is also to spend some time by his side, examine if he has a fever, to check that his skin gives symptoms of good hydration and that he has clean ears and eyes.

How to clean a dog with sodium bicarbonate

There are several remedies to try to wash your dog without washing it with water. There are people who recommend the use of vinegar or bicarbonate. We prefer to recommend brushing and good nutrition. Remember that if you want more advice you just have to contact us. Give us more information about the type of odor that comes off him, his age and race and we will help you.