My dog trembles all the time, is shivering and lethargic, what can I do?

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‘¿Why is my dog shivering?’ The tremors in your dog are one more symptom that something is happening with your friend. In addition to checking his urine, feces or mood, pay attention if the animal trembles a lot, combined with an apparent sadness. Today we will tell you why it is important that your dog does not tremble, when it is normal to do so, the causes and how to act.

My dog trembles in his sleep, why is he shaking?

There are several cases in which it is absolutely normal that your dog has small seizures, hops or appear to have chills. Did you know that dogs also dream? They indeed do. Sometimes they imagine that they are playing, jumping in the park or chasing something, which they can manifest by shaking while sleeping. That trembling when they sleep is normal if they do so only once in a while, if these wiggles are also presented during the day, it may be symptomatic of some kind of pathology.

My dog trembles for no reason and when I speak to him, what happens?

This is not a reason for concern as well. If you just finished playing and running with him, spent a great time together and you talk and he responds by trembling, he just wants to say that he is excited and stimulated by all that just happened. However, if he trembles when you are scolding him, it is because of fear or anxiety.

In order to correct the emotion he feels, try to use a less hard tone, be clear with your orders when training and using positive reinforcement instead of a negative. To stop the tremble when you scold him, give him a prize every time he does something well, so he will relax at your side. Keep in mind that a dog that feels fear can fall into depression, which affects his immune system and becomes a gateway for diseases. A happy dog is a healthy dog, remember that.

In cases of extreme fear, you will see that he pees while trembling, groans and even hides from you. He might have been the victim of mistreatment in the past or that he is scared of you. In this case, you will have to take care of your behavior when you're near him.

My dog trembles when it is cold, is this normal?

It is absolutely normal and is not cause for concern. The natural origin of each breed of dogs provides them with a particular coat and a particular resistance to the elements. When combining the breeds, when transferring dogs from their natural habitat to another place for which their bodies are not prepared, dogs may feel hot or cold, depending on the case. If you see that your dog shakes a lot in situations of cold, the first thing is to try to take him to a place with a higher temperature, and if this is not possible, look for some dog clothes.

Whether it is for this reason or the other, the tremors we just talked about have easy solutions. Other causes of tremors that are perfectly normal are: age and the type of dog breeds that are prone to shake more than others. Now we'll talk about when to worry if we see our dog shuddering or trembling.

My dog trembles and vomits, what can I do?

You will know that the tremors in your dog are a symptom of a real problem if they occur in combination of other symptoms. If your dog shudders and vomits, it may indicate that he has been infected with distemper, which requires the urgent visit to a veterinarian, or that he has been poisoned, among other things. Be very careful with what he puts in his mouth, there are many unscrupulous people that dump poisons in public roads for our furry friends to swallow it and die.

My dog trembles and limps, is it something serious?

One of the most common causes why your dog trembles is arthritis. If he limps or trembles only in a specific part of his body, it can be that he suffers from this, especially if he is a senior dog. We recommend that you post a question to our online veterinarians to learn how to act, but, in general, it is best that you apply heat in the area and to reduce the physical exercise, always with constant vigilance.

Another possible reason of your dog trembling and limping is that he hit himself hard. Examine the area in search of wounds and bruises to prove it and then get in touch with our veterinarians.

Other reasons why your dog trembles

If your friend has white fur, he may have the Shaker Syndrome. If in addition to trembling, you notice that he is sad and weak, consult without delay with a specialist to confirm this diagnosis. If your dog exercises too much he can show tremors, also if he has a severe low level of blood sugar, but beware, if that’s the case, don't give him chocolate or sweets since those are poison for your pooch.

In summary, if your dog has tremors in an isolated way, and if it corresponds to one of the cases presented at the beginning of this article, you shouldn’t worry. If these tremors are prolonged and in combination with other symptoms, seek consultation with one of our online veterinarians right now.