My dog's eye is red, is watering and squinting, why?

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As happens to humans, dogs can also get up with rheum in their eyes. Some races are especially prone to generate them. So far, so good. Rheum or boogers is nothing more than the remains of the substance that your furry’s eyes use to clean them, the problem is that if he continues to produce them throughout the day.

The rheum that you see in your dog can usually be identified as white, somewhat yellowish, or green rheum. If they occur in a massive way, it is normal that he also has red eyes and that your friend has an infection. In this article, we will explain how to prevent this from happening and how to clean the eyes of your dog.

My dog is squinting with watery eyes

The information in this article is of a general nature. Remember that you can ask our online veterinarians to receive a personalized response. You just have to indicate his race, weight, age, and describe his symptoms.

White rheum in dogs, what does it mean?

The rheum of this color is the most normal and that occur naturally. You have to think of it the snot that people have; when it is transparent in color, there is no problem, but when it turns yellow or green, it usually means that there is a disease.

Anyway, even if it is normal, it has to be cleaned. The correct hygiene of the eyes of your dog will ensure him not to acquire conjunctivitis or another infection. Do not forget that the rheum is 'remains', and, as such, it should not accumulate. It is dirt that needs to be cleaned.

Treatment for green rheum in dogs, is it serious?

The rheum of this color is another matter. Genetically, dogs are predators and explorers. Their instinct leads them to investigate new places, to get into the bushes, and to chase other animals. During his expeditions, it is common for blows and micro cuts to happen on the body but, what happens if these blows occur in the eyes?

In that case, his body will produce tears to try to heal the discomfort in the same way that, if we get something in our eye, we cry. If this rheum is of a yellowish or greenish color, it is giving us a clue that there is a possible infection. In this case, there is no cleaning at home that will work; you have to go to a veterinarian because you will have to find a diagnosis and an ideal treatment for him.

Are there home remedies for eye infection in dogs?

The answer to this is blunt: no. Whenever there is an infection only a professional can treat it. Do not look for remedies or home treatments and go urgently to a veterinarian. The more time you spend searching the internet to solve his illness in this way, the more he will suffer.

Conjuntivitis in dogs

If, in addition to having rheum, he also has red eyes, it is most likely that it is conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is not like rabies, a disease that is easily spread from mammal to mammal. This redness in the eyes moves from person to person or from dog to dog easily, but it is very unlikely that there is a cross between species.

In any case, we recommend caution and not to touch your dog's eyes if they are red. It is not good that you try to open them if they are closed to confirm that it is conjunctivitis; it is appropriate to visit the veterinarian.

The specialist will determine what type of conjunctivitis we are talking about and will prescribe an eye drop antibiotic so that the infection is removed. The vet will also put a protection necklace on your dog so that he does not touch his eye and will give you hygiene recommendations to treat him.

The best thing you can do, whether he has red eyes and rheum or not, is that he get used to you wiping his eyes frequently. Use compresses of warm water and chamomile infusions. Anyway, these two tips are only in general lines. The health of your dog is too important to generalize, which is why we invite you to make your query to our online veterinarians.

My dog has his eyes closed and with rheum

The situation we describe in this article is very common in both dogs and cats. A good eye cleaning and visiting your veterinarian in case the rheum is greenish or if the dog has red eyes will be enough to recover his usual whitish color.