My dog's face is swollen on one side and it’s itchy, what should I do?


Jul 2

Posted by Barkibu editors

Seeing your dog with a swollen face on one side is not a good sign, obviously. The question now is to find out why it has become so inflamed, and to know how to react and if it is something serious. Anyway, if you are reading this article and your dog has a swollen face right now, do not waste time and call your veterinarian urgently.

Why is my dog's face swollen on one side, as well as his lips?

There are several reasons why this could be happening. The most common, which occurs most often in spring or summer, is because of an allergy. Our furry friends, like us, are affected by various agents, such as pollen. If they are allergic, their face will swell just like a ours. Depending on how sensitive they are, they will swell more or less, which gives us clues to the case's urgency.

Some dogs suffer from allergies because of agents in the air, and other times they need direct contact for the swelling to start, and, in other cases, the dogs have to consume and swallow the product or substance in question.

Dog has swollen area under his eyes, what can I do?

During the summer, the most common reason why your dog's face may swell is because he has been bitten by a bee, a wasp or a velutina, which are commonly out and about during the summer. These insects are not the only animals that can cause swelling to your dog's face. An attack by another animal can cause a subsequent infection that will manifest itself with an inflammation or a fever.

In addition to these cases, your dog's face may be swollen because of a foreign body lodged in his snout that, in the worst case scenario, may be a tumor. We hope that this it not what is causing the swelling, but in order to be able to face this situation, or that of a severe allergy, we recommend you not waste time. Call your veterinarian right now to start the corresponding treatment.

Home remedies and treatment for a swollen face

Before trying to apply any natural or home remedy, you have to make sure that your dog does not have any difficulty breathing. If the facial swelling affects your dog's respiratory tract, do not wait any longer and go to the emergency room. However, if the facial swelling is moderate, you can do the following.

The first thing is to wash your dog’s face in case it is an allergy caused by something in the air or on the ground. The water has to be warm and you have to be extremely cuddly with your furry friend, because he is most likely very nervous. When you take your pet out of the bathroom, if he still has a swollen face, apply ice using a bag or cloth to see if the swelling goes down. If none of this works, put in a query for our online vets.

Never use Benadryl to solve a dog's swollen eye without a vet supervision

If your pet has been bitten by a wasp or a bee, his face will swell a lot. What you should never do is apply remedies prepared for humans or get nervous. These bites are very dramatic, especially if they have occurred on your pet's tongue. The first thing to do is to clean the area if it is in an external area, calm your pet down, and go to a veterinarian. The specialist will apply the appropriate treatment, do not make the mistake of injecting cortisone that you have at home or anything like that.

If your dog vomits or bulges appear in other areas of his body, this means that your pet is allergic to these bites, so do not waste time and go to a trusted emergency specialist in your city.

How to prevent your dog from suffering an allergic reaction resulting in a swollen face

In the cases we have treated, prevention involves watching your dog, making sure that he is not rubbed with unknown herbs and that he does not get entangled with bees and wasps that flit around. However, if your dog's face becomes progressively inflamed, little by little and without the intervention of these agents, it is possible that an internal wound has been opened on your dog's snout, or that your dog has another disease. In some cases, it could even be a tumor.

The main thing is always to calm down so that your furry friend does not get nervous, check that his airways are not compromised, make sure he is not suffering from an allergic reaction, and visit the vet if the swelling does not go down after a few hours or if your pet shows symptoms of pain. If you have doubts about what to do, send us a question, and we will gladly answer you.