My indoor cat keeps sneezing but seems fine, what´s wrong?


Apr 26

Posted by Barkibu editors

Cats get colds and snot, are very sensitive to changes in temperature, and can spend more than a week with sneezing and watery eyes if they catch one. These are the main symptoms of a cat's cold: quietness, does not go around humans, but he needs the cares that we will explain in this article.

What we are going to talk about today is home remedies and prevention techniques so that your kitten can avoid catching the flu, but if he already is suffering from these symptoms for more than two days, contact our online veterinarians to receive a personalized consultation.

My indoor cat keeps sneezing and coughing

Besides the watery eyes and the cough, your friend's mood will change; he will be more tired, you will see snot hanging from his nose, and it will even have the skin cracked. It will take a little longer to breathe and he will have a fever. When you ask us your question, you will have to tell us which of these symptoms he has and how serious they are. The problem of a cat catching a cold is that it can lead to conjunctivitis or pneumonia, so you have to act as soon as possible.

The first thing is to measure his temperature. If you have a thermometer for cats, you can get this data without problems, knowing that if it shows more than 39, he has a fever. If you do not have one, we recommend that you buy it and have it always at hand for these cases. To know if your cat has it without a thermometer, you will have to examine the beating of his heart; are they heard at an abnormal rhythm? A dry nose is also usually a symptom of fever, although it is not a definitive sign.

Touch his body, is it hotter than usual? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, he may have a fever, which is why you to make a consultation with us. In case he does not have it and he isn't with those symptoms for more than three days, you can apply the following home remedies.

Homemade remedies for the cold and snot in cats

The first thing you have to know is that a happy cat that eats well will have a strong immune system, which will help him not to get infected with future colds. If he is already sick, you will have to take care of both his mood and his diet. The first thing is to assess if your cat is stressed or anxious. If before he had a cold his mood has changed, increase your pampering and the attention you give him, because he may be depressed.

Improve what he eats. If he has snots, he will perceive the scents less, the reason why you will have to give him canned/humid food,__ which will help him to appreciate it bette__r. Also, prepare homemade recipes that he can eat and serve them a little hot. Use vegetables and also lean meats to get the necessary nutrients; you will see how he is encouraged to eat even though he has lost his appetite because of illness.

A good diet is the key for him to stop sneezing and having snot, but you also have to be careful with the temperature of your home. He can never be in air currents or cold areas; turn on the heating and, if you see that his nose is very cracked and it is hard to breathe, go to the bathroom, turn on the hot water tap and let everything fill with steam. That will help him breathe better, in addition to warming him up.

A lot of rest, good food, and heat; the keys to recover

You can clean the snot from his nose, but be careful because it will be very fragile, so use clean clothes. The same is applicable to his eyes, but always being careful and paying attention to his expressions; if it bothers him, stop it.

Combine these tips with this one: always provide free access to fresh and clean water, because he will need it to hydrate. Do not worry if he sleeps more than necessary, he needs rest. If you follow this process, your cat will improve little by little. This snot can last between seven and eleven days, but it has to start to improve little by little.

Control his fever at all times and keep track of the state of his breath; after three days, is he still wheezing exaggeratedly? Then you have to urgently contact a veterinarian, because it may be degenerating into something worse. Look at his eyes, do they look irritated? Be careful, because if you neglect their hygiene he may end up contracting conjunctivitis.

Follow our instructions for your cat to heal and count on our online veterinarians for whatever you need. Remember that you should never, never, give him medicines or chemical products without first consulting with a specialist.