Signs your dog is dying of old age and what to do

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Is my dog dying or just sick? Many concerned caregivers ask us if dogs cry before they die, what they think, or if they know they will die. In this article, we are going to tell you what the dogs are doing when they are about to leave us, a hard moment for which it is very hard to pass and for which we hope we can prepare you with this article.

Remember that you have our veterinarians online and our behavior experts to receive more information on this sensitive topic, to receive advice for you and your friend.

Do the dogs hide to die?

This is a very common question that is usually posted. Dogs do not hide when they are going to die; they just need more rest, hours of sleep, and space to be calm and tranquil. Old dogs lose their strength little by little, so you will know that he is about to die if he is older and he needs more and more rest as the days go by, also more intimacy.

If he is undergoing this in his last hours is a good sign, because it means that he is not dying or agonizing because of a disease. Anyway, this does not mean you have to let him doze without stopping. A good walk, games, hugs, and pampering will lift his spirits, and an animated dog is a happy dog. Don't forget.

Do dogs cry before they die?

However, if instead of resting quietly he does not stop protesting or sobbing, it means that he is agonizing. If your dog is suffering, your responsibility is to go to your veterinarian and ask him what to do. Remember that these last years of his life have to pass in peace; if he is not able to cope with that, if he is suffering, you have to accept that it is time to say goodbye.

Symptoms of a dying dog: lack of activity and appetite

In addition to sleeping a lot and spending half the time laying down in a comfortable and warm place, your friend will have a hard time moving, walking, and even responding to stimuli. Do not worry if he does not act as vividly as usual or if he does not wave his tail when you pet him in his favorite place. Keep giving him your love, but assume he will not respond the same.

What you never have to do is get depressed. We know it is hard, but furry are animals; they do not understand death as a traumatic process, so if they see you sad they will think they have done something wrong, not that you are crying because he is dying. If you find it difficult to be smiling at your dog that you know is about to die, seek the help of a friend, but when you are by his side, be happy for him.

By not moving as much and spending more time sleeping he will need to eat less. Elderly dogs that have little time left next to us will even show signs of an absolute lack of appetite. Be sympathetic to him but encourage him to eat. One trick you can do is to space his meals more over the day with less quantity, which will help him eat with less effort.

A dog that is about to die will have black gums

Another symptom that your dog is dying is in his gums. As you already know, a good way to know the state of health of your dog is checking his stools, the color of his vomit, if he has a fever, how smooth his skin is, the humidity in his nose, and the color of his gums. When healthy and young, the gums are strong and have a nice pink color.

However, as the years pass and the dog overcome the barrier of ten years, they get a dark color; they are blackened and continue like this until he finally abandons you. Another indicator that you will find in his mouth is that he breathes more intensely and with short breaths every time he tries to perform any task.

What do dogs do when they are about to die?

We know that this is a very hard time since we have already passed several times through him, nevertheless, remember that your responsibility is to try not to transmit sadness to him and try to make him happy.

When you see that he is panting a lot, that he sleeps more, that he barely eats, and that his gums are black, you will know that it is possible that he is about to die. Find someone to talk about the topic and about what you feel, spoil your friend and celebrate all the years you have been together.